Toby Corton – 2013 Man Of The Year Award Nominee

Toby Corton – 2013 Man Of The Year  Award Nominee

Toby Corton Male-model

Meet Toby Corton in never been published.

men-style-fashion-2013-awards-300I met Toby some time ago in Rome after his Givenchy and other brands shooting for The White Gallery by Kevin Pineda with styling of Barbara Palladino. Height 189cm, Eyes Blue Hair Brown, Chest 92cm / 36. Discovered by Orschel-Read, today enjoys more and more growing international fame (Malan Breton, Long Tran, Jiwenbo, Levis, soon Makintosh). A perfect model from Hackney with an original simple beauty and natural charm of youth. Nothing more normal but there was something that surprised me a lot; it was the fact that this 20 years old boy travelling between London (Booking Model Agency), Milan (Boom Agency), New York (Adam Models Agency) and Tokyo (Exiles), working for the greatest designers of all world is so… Modest, Polite, Mature and – what shocked me even more – he’s crazy for… Garlic! The other important thing to be said of Toby is that his passions are two: good Italian or French kitchen and Music. I am sure in the future he can contribute to the world of music with his talent. He was singing all the time during the interview. I bet during the next London Fashion Week you could listen to his humming from the audience…

How did your career start? Do you feel famous?

The first work I ever did was for designer called Orschel-Read. He’s previously had Lady Gaga wear some of his clothes. I did his lookbook back in January and he liked the pictures, and said: “these pictures are really good, u should find an agency” and he directed me to my booker Mark Rowley. I haven’t done a fashion week in London yet, because I’ve not been there at the right time. When London had men’s collection back in June I was in Milan, but in January I would like to do some shows in my hometown. I don’t really feel famous. I try to not make it influence my life. The best things in my life are my friends and my family at home. This is amazing; being able to travel and have such incredible experiences, but I still love to go home to my friends that I’ve grown up with and relax, or not really relax, we party. They are the people that know me best and I don’t have to worry about them seeing me looking rough or being a slob around the house. It’s nice because I’m still the same. Nothing’s really changed. We still do the same things we always used to do.

What was the weirdest collection you ever seen or worn?

I don’t tend to feel uncomfortable when I work. I can appreciate the stranger looks. The most interesting and different collection I saw when I was in New York. The designer was Long Tran, I did a show for him, there were spinning fans/turbines in the sleeves of the jacket and I had to wear platform sneakers. That was different; very modern and androgynous, like something from the future, if humans were to live in space. It was interesting to walk in high-heeled shoes as well. It wasn’t as hard as girls make out!

What does modeling mean to you?

It’s a great thing to be able to do it. It gets me to see lots of places. One of my ambitions is to travel and see the world, which modeling allows me to do and its great to get the opportunity to travel while I’m young. Without modeling I wouldn’t be able to see those places because it’s expensive to travel. I feel very lucky and I’m enjoying myself.

What style suits you more and why?

I really like the idea of the “English gentleman”, wearing blazers, suits, and jackets. Classic tailoring which London has a great history of and I really love what British brands, like Burberry, are doing at the moment. I personally tend to wear a lot dark colours and simple colours; navy blues, blacks, whites and greys. They’re more practical and are easy to match up. My favourite time of year is the winter season, layering jumpers and coats. I have to like winter, I am English, there’s no choice (he’s smiling seeing my face).

Photo and Stylist Credits

Kevin Pineda for Model Male Scene magazine and The White Gallery.

Stylist Barbara Palladino.

Hair & Make up Jill Combs-Centore, Muna Jibril

Toby Corton - Male Model


Toby Corton - Male Model


Toby Corton - Male Model

Toby - Corton Stylist


Toby - Corton Stylist


Toby - Corton Stylist


Toby - Corton Stylist


Toby - Corton Stylist


Toby Corton Male model

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