Jonny Burt – 2012 Stylish Man of the Year Nominee

Jonny Burt – 2012 Stylish Man of the Year Nominee

Jonny BurtStylish men of the year award

With his brooding glare, his mane of flaming red locks and armed with an assault of diverse creative talents, Jonny Burt is a fresh and ferocious force to be reckoned with. Jonny discovered his artistic touch in his tender infancy, nurturing clear drawing skills seeded by the “beautiful monstrosities”, to quote Jonny himself, of H.R.Giger.

Thus driven by the aesthetics of the disturbing, the grotesque; anything that wasn’t vomit-inducingly boring, but which could be concocted with the sensual and seductive – Jonny rejected any conventional interest in pretty watercolours of picturesque landscapes or rotting fruit, instead of channelling intense and obsessive energy that has manifested into an array of powerful, dramatic and controversial work, compounded by his personal experiences as a professional actor working in both London and L.A.

Who is Jonny Burt?

This year, having graduated from a leading UK university with first-class honours, Jonny is beginning to carve a name for himself. Having recently signed with major talent management in L.A., he is also set for an 8-week shoot in Hong Kong on the international feature film, ‘400 Boys’, in January. Somehow, he still finds the time maintaining his art projects, having signed with an urban gallery in London, commissioned to design a poster for a BBC film and most recently contributing illustration graphics to contemporary menswear label Sons of Heroes, for whom he also modeled the SS12 campaign.

Although he is adamant that acting, art and writing are his primary pursuits, his strong features and blazing head of hair have inevitably made him an attractive and rare treasure in the modeling world – not surprising during a current time where redheads are hot (forgive the pun) commodity in the fashion world. Jonny has already been snapped up by the likes of Burberry, Sons of Heroes, Horace and was most recently photographed by famous fashion and film photographer Thomas Knights.

Jonny’s Style

Jonny’s brooding sensibilities are evident everywhere: not only in his life experiences that inform his art; they also percolate into his sense of style – his appetite for Americanized, luxury grunge aesthetics are tinged with a touch of a nomad and a dash of hip-hop, all in a predominantly monochrome palette that conjures a dark charm – an effortless cool that refuses to give too much away. There is an intriguing, mysterious moodiness there. Drop crotch trousers, acid bleach dyes, aggressive animal prints mixed with unexpected draping create an unusual juxtaposition that echoes his determination to keep pushing the boundaries of androgyny.

Sons Of Heroes SS12 - Jonny Burt

Wearing Sons of Heroes

SONS OF HEROES - black leather jacket - Jonny Burt


jonny burt - suits winter 2013

Autumn winter Essentials

jonny burt - male model for sons of heroes

Jonny Burt

jonny burt - burberry - beige jacket - 2012

Wearing Burberry

HORACE SS13 MENs - Jonny Burt

Wearing HORACE-SS13-MENs

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