Denim Fashion – G-Star RAW, Diesel Or True Religion

Denim Fashion – G-Star RAW, Diesel Or True Religion

Denim Fashion

Whilst browsing through Selfridges I wanted some information regarding men’s attitudes towards buying jeans. One male staff member, from True Religion, has noticed the following shopping habits men have when buying jeans.

Men’s Attitudes When Buying Jeans

The modern man is still residing well within his comfort zone when it comes to buying jeans – there doesn’t seem to be much desire to experiment with new styles.  For instance; trying jeans that are of a tighter fit. Most men still opt for dark denim, which is a fine and stylish decision, but sometimes its nice to try something new – like the current trend which is called the Color Denim Print. So burgundy, let alone a pastel blue, is going to take some time.

Aaron’s View On Denim

Aaron has over two years worth of experience, working in retail. He is very familiar with both brands; Diesel and G-star RAW. Aaron overheard our debate about the two labels and decided to give his expert advice. Aaron will have you enlightened about men’s buying habits – on a fashion front – and the truth behind the two labels.

True Religion Must-Haves

The bomber jacket has been and will continue to fly off the shelves, its just one of those timeless pieces.

FYI: True Religion at Selfridges, are very popular with people from the middle east under the age of 30. Finally, the trend of 2013 for anyone under 30 is going to be track wear.

True Religion Sweat Jacket Native Fleece

True Religion Sweat Jacket Native Fleece

G-Star versus Diesel

If there are two countries that are leading the way, regarding Denim and style, then they are Holland and Italy. Tensions can rise high at Men Style Fashion, because one of the directors is Italian and the other is Dutch. In the men’s department at Selfridges these two labels are literally side by side.  So I took advantage and asked both store managers; which label is more popular and why?

Diesel jeans for men 2013, pocket attitude

The Italian Label

Diesel leads the way regarding the range of denim available. The durability and quality of the denim also seemed to be higher. The overall style of the jeans was timeless, edgy and what men are comfortable with. This label is for any man that doesn’t usually step outside of traditional denim styles.

Diesel jeans for men 2013, Albert Reed

The Dutch Label

At G-Star RAW the jeans tend to steer more towards non-traditional looks. It has revolutionised designs for  jeans and we are loving it. Its quirky cuts and use of angular stitching is not going to appeal to all men – especially those preferring traditional styles. It is the master when it comes to dark denim too. G-Star RAW‘s latest waxed denim jeans are the closest you’ll get if you want that leather look, without the use of actual leather. Its leather and denim jackets for men, are funky and slim-tailored. You’ll find that the zips on the jackets on occasion are angular, which gives a real stylish look to denim.

G-star raw, amsterdam,netherlands, 2013

Michael Madsen wearing G-star Raw denim jacket for 2013

Michael Madsen wearing G-star Raw denim jacket  for 2013

What Looks Good on You

At the end of the day, it comes down to what looks good on you. I find that Diesel is very good at catering for those who have shorter legs. For me, G-Star RAW ticks all the boxes when it comes to breaking the denim-wear rules. They are a company that has breathed new life into a sometimes dated look. I adore the layout of its stores. The jeans are easy to sort through and grab. When it comes to customer service, whether it be Holland, Spain or London, it is second to none. If you are thinking that I’m biased, then your wrong. Believe it or not; I’m Italian.

Diesel denim, Blind add, for men 2013

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