We’re in the middle of summer, but it’s never too late to vamp up your style game and finish out the season fashionably strong. If you’re looking for ways to update your wardrobe and keep cool, calm, and collected in the hot summer sun, start adding these items to your closet and never fail to impress, whether you’re at a summer barbecue or lamenting the loss of summer vacation in the office.

A Linen Shirt

In the summer time, it’s important to let your skin breathe, and thick, heavy cotton isn’t going to do you any favors under the warm blasting rays of the sun. Linen shirts are a classic item every guy should have in his closet. Lightweight and breezy, they fully encapsulate everything summer wear should. Best part of linen? It’s meant to look wrinkled and worn-in, so you can put that ironing board away for the time being.


White Denim

White denim is back on the scene, and this versatile piece is going to be a welcome addition to your wardrobe throughout the seasons. Easy to match with neutral colors also saturating the runway and simple to pair with blue denim jacket options, you’ll find white jeans are the pants you never realized you needed. Lighter and easier to handle in the summer heat, this preppy, elegant look is sure to garner you a few well-deserved fashion stares.


The Quintessential Polo Shirt

The polo shirt isn’t just for the Hamptons, and it’s not reserved for middle school yearbook photos. The polo is poised to make a big comeback in everyday fashion circles, and lovers of this old-school preppy style can find this shirt style in a variety of prints and patterns that provide a fantastic overhaul on a once-outdated shirt trend. The new polo shirts are perfect for casual backyard shindigs, but you can also find upscale versions that will work great with a blazer thrown over the top for an evening soiree.


A Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets have long been a fashion staple of trendy guys, but these jackets are definitely making a resurgence this year. You can find this cut and style in major department stores of all types, and better yet, you can find them in a plethora of styles and fabrics, so you’re sure to snag a jacket that matches your personal style, no problem. You’ll also find there are a variety of color hues to choose from in men’s jackets this year, with emeralds and bright pink making their way to the men’s runway. This versatile jacket can be used throughout the seasons, and is definitely going to be a wardrobe favorite. Best part? It can be dressed up or down to make for a great addition to any style choice.



Looking for a fashion piece that doesn’t cost the contents of your wallet? Consider a bandana. This street style trend has been gaining more popularity, and neckerchiefs are the perfect way to show off your trendsetting style without breaking the bank. Tie a bandana around your neck to set off an otherwise plain white tee, and use color to your advantage to add some depth and intrigue to any neutrals-oriented outfit.


Stylish Socks

When it’s time to pull off the deck shoes and put on some sneakers or dress shoes for the evening, men’s socks can be the perfect way to add some flair to your duds. The sock industry has become a major player in men’s fashion; what used to be a common commodity has now become a fashion statement piece. In 2014, socks were estimated to be a $5.6 billion dollar industry. Talk about fashion power. The best part of investing in some staple sock pieces is your ability to hone in on your own personal fashion references; from colors to prints to out-of-this-world designs, the sky is really the limit when it comes to your feet.


Board shorts aren’t the only fashion piece you should be concerned about during these hot summer months. Consider incorporating these stylish 2016 finds into your wardrobe and keep your fashion game on point year-round.