Are you looking for an exercise bike to get the outdoor cycling feeling from the comfort of your home? If so, we have got you covered! We understand the confusion one might experience when choosing the right kind of exercise bike

Therefore, we bring you this article with an in-depth analysis of different types of exercise bikes present in the market. All the bikes have varying features and functions that you must know before buying to meet your fitness goals. 

So, let’s jump right in to know the main features and benefits of various exercise bikes. 

Upright Bike

This type of exercise bike comes with a standard bike seat with no back support. The handlebars are positioned much higher, making you sit in an upright position during your workout. It is a low-impact machine that is suitable for all fitness levels. 

What To Look For In An Upright Bike?

If you find an upright bike the right pick for your goals, opt for models having a clear and user-friendly display. It should track speed, time, resistance, calories burned, and distance. Many models come with additional features to provide you with an effective workout. 

Also, look for the heart-rate monitor feature in the machine. It is quite helpful to track your heart rate and progress during your workouts. 

Some bikes offer the option of contact monitors. It is usually present in the handlebars that is activated upon your touch. Some models also offer chest strap heart monitors that are better at providing an accurate reading.

Recumbent Bike

A recumbent is a comfortable piece of equipment that comes with a wide seat and backrest. You can sit comfortably on the seat with proper support to your back while working out on the machine. The low-impact exercise on the bike makes it an optimal option for people with joint problems or back injuries.

It has two sets of handlebars, one situated at the front and the other right next to the seat. The pedals of the bike are located at the front, making you stretch out your legs completely.

These bikes may not offer you a full-body workout. But if you want to strengthen your muscles, it is just the right option for you. 

What To Look For In A Recumbent Bike?

Take into account the machine’s dimensions when buying a recumbent bike. The large seat and reclined position of the bike may occupy more space compared to other exercise bikes. 

Further, look for features such as built-in workout functions, a heart-rate monitoring option, and an adjustable seat. If you want to get an effective workout on the machine, make sure to choose a model that offers different resistance levels. It will allow you to increase endurance and have an excellent cardio workout.

Air Bike

Air bike is an incredible fitness machine that offers a whole-body workout. It will work your upper and lower body muscles. 

The bike comes with a large fan attached to its pedals and handles. It makes you use the pedals and handles simultaneously to move the fan, engaging your entire body during the workout. 

Besides, it is a low-impact machine that puts less pressure on your joints. Thus, it is ideal for people who want to shed pounds with minimal strain on the body. You can also get a cardio workout on this machine with varying resistance levels.

What To Look For In An Air Bike?

Individuals who are looking for an exercise bike to get a full-body workout must consider an air bike. Before you pick a model, make sure to check the size of the fan. 

Larger fans will help produce more resistance compared to smaller fans. Depending on your fitness goals, select the size of the fan. 

Most models come with a display that monitors speed, time, distance, RPMs, and calories. Also, opt for a bike that includes the feature to monitor your heart rate during the workout.  

Indoor Cycling Bike

This bike is great for high-intensity interval training and weight-loss workouts. The riders can sit and stand on this machine, simulating vertical climbing and other cycling exercises. 

An indoor bike comes with drop handlebars, similar to the racing bike riding position. It has heavy flywheels that make the rider work harder to move them. 

It may provide you a full-body workout, working your glutes, calves, thighs, hips, shoulders, and hips. You could also stand up while riding the bike for an intense workout. 

What To Look For In An Indoor Cycling Bike?

To pick the best indoor cycling model, be sure to look for bikes with adjustable handlebars and seats for added comfort. You will find some bikes featuring display screens that monitor calories, time, speed, distance, and RPM. However, they do not offer built-in workout functions. 

Most importantly, be sure to check if the resistance is adjustable and has varying levels. It is an important feature of an indoor bike to provide you a rigorous workout.

Bottom Line

Exercise bikes make for a great option whether you want an intense workout or regular physical activity. You can always consider them adding to your workout routine and make the most out of them. Make sure you pick the type of exercise bike that best suits your fitness needs. Once you have the right kind of exercise bike, there is no stopping you from achieving your fitness goals!