Brooks is an American company that has been a leader in the sports industry since the early 1900s. From a simple manufacturer of swimming and dancing shoes, Brooks has become a major reference point for all those who are experts in the world of sport. The company has been able to introduce important innovations into the market, which have made it stand out and become successful. Among the most important innovations, there are the ‘Chariot’ and ‘Beast’ shoes. The Chariot featured a foam mound in the outsole, while the Beast featured technology that provided greater motion control. Both of these items became bestsellers, and the company improved, even more, the performance of these shoes by introducing models specifically designed for women. These two types of footwear made Brooks a part of history, becoming one of the most popular and sought-after brands in the world of sport and, in particular, in the field of running.

Today, the company does not just make shoes but offers its customers a wide range of equipment for training. However, since these are high-quality products, it can be expensive to buy the needed tools for certain activities. For this reason, in this article, we are going to reveal some small secrets you can use to save money on your Brooks purchases.

1. Discount Codes

The world of discount codes is still not that widely known, especially in some countries. However, knowing how and where to find these discounts allows everyone to save a considerable sum of money on online purchases. There are specific websites where it is possible to find Brooks discount codes, but before doing that, it is paramount to learn how to use them. Indeed, not all discount codes are the same: both the discount percentage and the application method can change. For example, some of these may be applied only to one category of products, while others have a well-defined expiry date. Therefore, it is necessary to look around a little bit in order to find the perfect voucher for your needs. At any rate, when it comes to saving money, discount codes are the perfect solution!

2. What’s New? Here’s How To Keep Up

Are you a running enthusiast? Then you absolutely must register on the Brooks website! Once you become a member of this club, you will have access to an endless series of discounts and promotions. Moreover, you can be the first to hear about new products offered by the brand, and be able to buy them before others. Whenever sales, events or new offers are introduced, Brooks members will be notified. Everybody knows that during sales it is always difficult to find your clothing size or shoe size. Have you ever wondered why? It is because members, who know about these promotions before others, have the possibility to choose from all available articles. So, do sign up on the website to keep up to date.

3. Register Your Shoes

Have you already purchased a pair of shoes from Brooks? If so, this formula is the right one for you. By going to the Brooks website, you can register your shoes and enter your shoe type preferences. This data will then be used when Brooks selects lucky customers to become testers. In other words, these customers will have the opportunity to receive a preview of the company’s products at home, in exchange for simply giving their opinion on the product.

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4. Focus On What Really Matters To You

When it comes to choosing a new product, it is very difficult to know exactly what is right for us when there are so many options. This, in fact, is a problem that many customers had with Brooks, due to the wide assortment of available items. For this reason, Brooks has come up with the perfect solution to this problem. Indeed, customers can now go to the company’s official website and find their product by first selecting their preferences. It’s almost like a quiz, in which everyone specifies what they are interested in. At the end of this procedure, you will be able to see a list of the products that suit you and choose between them. Of course, this possibility does not only apply to shoes, but also to other items of clothing. Check out the Brook website to find out more!