Alternative Ways to Enhance Sexual Performance and Virility

Alternative Ways to Enhance Sexual Performance and Virility

Having a high sex drive and low sexual endurance can be quite the frustrating duo, but it’s surprisingly common amongst youth as well as older individuals, especially those that lead sedentary lifestyles. While sexual performance is primarily dependent on your virility, there are also tips and tricks that you can learn to please your partner in bed. If you’re wondering how you can enhance your endurance level and skills in bed, read on to find out.

Alternative Ways to Enhance Sexual Performance and Virility


While your diet does not necessarily play a part in your foreplay skills, it can certainly affect your endurance levels. Consuming alcohol in great amounts can cause premature ejaculation in men, while it can also affect their ability to hold an erection. Women who drink more than one glass of wine a day may also notice decreased libido in the long run.

On the other hand, cutting down on alcohol and consuming more fiber-rich foods, as well as fruits rich in anti-oxidants, can significantly affect your sex drive. Dark chocolate is also known to boost your endurance levels if consumed in healthy amounts on a daily basis.

Enhancement Pills

When all else fails, enhancement pills can come to the rescue. While many men can be iffy about consuming a handful of pills on a weekly basis to enhance their virility, natural Viagra alternatives are safe to consume alongside a healthy diet. These medications contain Avanafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil, all of which are known as PDE-5 inhibitors, and are often prescribed to those suffering erectile dysfunction.

These can instantly prolong a man’s virility in the bedroom, while they also work to prevent premature ejaculation. On the other hand, women can also consume enhancement pills, which are packed with natural ingredients such as ginseng, to boost their libido.

Alternative Ways to Enhance Sexual Performance and Virility


Leading an active lifestyle can significantly prevent premature aging, which in turn affects your performance in the bedroom. A sedentary lifestyle can make you lazy in bed, and can also make individuals avoid sexual encounters because they can be exhausting for inactive people.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on gym memberships, either. You can simply take regular walks, or start your morning with a refreshing jog. This can promote blood flow to your muscles, including your genital area, which in turn works to up your endurance levels as well as your sex drive.

That said, both men and women can opt for exercises that target the genital area. Doing Kegels works to tighten pelvic muscles, and can tighten a woman’s vaginal area, making it more pleasurable for women to have sexual intercourse. Men can also benefit from doing Kegels, especially when paired with other exercises such as Jelqing, which works to enhance a man’s penile size, as well as the ability to hold an erection.


Low sex drive and frail endurance should never be mistaken with mundane sex. If you suspect that your partner enjoys having sex with you, incorporating more foreplay into your bedtime routine can spice up your sex life.

Communicate with your partner about what their fantasies are, and whether you can appeal to them through foreplay. Women can ask their partners about the sensitive areas that they like to be stroked, while men can do the same if they suspect that their partners are too quiet, or not as into sex as they used to be.

Taking your endurance to the next level can easily be achieved through natural diet or enhancement supplements. Remember to always communicate with your partner about what they like. In many cases, couples tend to fret about whether they’re pleasing their partners when it only comes down to communicating what they like. That said, women can increase their sexual performance through Kegel exercises, while men can do the same with Jelqing. Protection Status

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