Puente Romano Marbella – Luxury Review Spain

Puente Romano Marbella – Luxury Review Spain

Marbella is a city and resort area on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol, part of the Andalusia area and a destination for the rich and famous. What struck me coming in was The Sierra Blanca mountains which are the backdrop to 27 kilometres of sandy Mediterranean beaches, villas, hotels and golf courses. West of Marbella town is an area commonly called the Golden Mile of prestigious nightclubs and resorts and coastal estates which and leads all the way to Puerto Banus Marina, filled with luxury yachts and surrounded by upmarket boutiques and lots of luxury cars. So me driving an Alpine Green Bentley Bentayga, certainly turned heads on the boulevard.

Puente Romano is a luxury resort where I could turn up in a Bentley Bentayga and feel right at home. It is a resort where dressing up showcasing my personal sense of style was part of the everyday trend. It was wonderful to see many men, from all over the globe making so much effort regarding fashion.

The Bentley Bentayga feels right at home at puente romano

Reception Area

I loved pulling up in the Bentley because there was plenty of space to park right next to the reception area and not feel pressured in been hurried along. The modern open space reception felt sophisticated with casual but elegant interior design, mainly trending with wood-inspired materials. It was a clear indication of what was to come.

Walking to my suite, it was wonderful to be greeted by a vast mass of flora and fauna. The botanical gardens were stunning and set the tone of nature taking over and getting me right into the holiday mood.

Reception Area puente romano

Puente Romano Spa And Resort facilities

Puente Romano has a lot to offer regarding different day to day experiences. Relaxing by several pools around the resort was really nice. I liked how each pool offered a different vibe and each pool offered different food and drinks. When I wanted to venture out I had a stunning view and walk on the beach.

Famous Tennis Courts – Bjorn Borg

For those who are a lover of tennis, the history here is astounding. Since Bjorn Borg opened the tennis court club in 1979, Puente Romano has hosted iconic famous tennis players such as Boris Becker, John Mc Enroe, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, both Dojkivic brothers and now Gracie Opulanza.

Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain  - tennis courts

I was given a private tennis lesson by Antonio who actually works with the famous current top male seated players, including the Djokovic brothers. So from the onset, I knew I was in for a real treat. I have not played tennis for over 10 years, but just like riding a bike and with specific attention to detail from Antonio I was up and running.

My poor form as a tennis player soon turned into some heated up matches. For those that are not tennis fans, I would highly recommend taking some private lessons, it’s a real calorie burner too. Don’t worry if you don’t have a mate to play with, there were plenty of group matches happening on the court too. This is a brilliant way to catch up with family, friends and even entertaining business guests. If you are a lover of paddle tennis, this is also the place to play. It was in Costa del Sol, that paddle tennis became famous.

Regarding what to wear, this is the perfect place to trend the latest in Sports lux wear on and off the court.

Six Senses Spa

Taking inspiration from the Six Senses philosophy combined with Puente Romano architecture and craftsmanship is why this experience of the scents, sights and sounds of the Mediterranean was one of the best Spa experiences I’ve had in Europe so far. From a welcome drink of warm ginger tea to the tranquil atmosphere in the wet area, I was really impressed with this dedicated Spa area. This is not common in most resorts in Europe.

One of my favourite areas was the reception and lounge area with cosy swinging benches. In fact, there were so many relaxing options such as the herbal steam room, sauna, hammam and the hydrotherapy pool. These were brilliant to use considering, I just moved house and my body was exhausted and aching.

I was given a signature olive oil and sea salt treatment for 90 minutes, and my skin and my body were left feeling alive and stimulated, perfect for the evening ahead.

Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - six senses spa

La Plaza – #Puentelife365

La Plaza is the heart and soul of the resort and where I chose some amazing cocktails. It is centred in the middle of most of the restaurants and bars and therefore it is the perfect place to sip on a cocktail and do some people watching. Before dining out I chose to embrace the live music and soak up the vibrant atmosphere on the comfortable outdoor sofas. This was certainly the area to dress up and trend the latest in fashion and accessories. The live music was just amazing to listen too, it really reminded me of the movie Cocktail minus Tom Cruise himself.

Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain


I have been visiting Spain since 1998 and I know the cuisines and dishes very well. I have had the worse and the best experiences in luxury resorts regarding food. Normally the Spanish resorts compromise the dishes to cater for the guests and therefore the food presented has lost the essence of eating authentic Spanish food.

I do understand that this is an art itself to please so many international guests. So here at Puente Romano, it offers a very clever and unique eating experience. It has strategically outsourced the restaurants to dedicated chefs who offer the perfect variety of international food around the globe. Therefore nothing is compromised and the food standard is very high. It is why locals come and dine here too. Making a reservation here is imperative.

There are 11 exquisite international restaurants to choose here at Puente Romano, from Asia to Italy to Japan, the United Kingdom and Spanish of course, there is so much too choose by.

Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - restaurant Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - restaurant

Paella & Rice Masterclass With Thomas Stork

I was so excited to meet master Chef Thomas Stork from Germany who was going to teach and cook for me from scratch two different types of Paella, one with local seafood and another with rabbit. Alongside this, I was going to learn the art of cooking the famous Spanish tortilla which I am a lover of. Thomas has a passion for cooking and in his own words.

“Respect the product, respect the food. Creativity has no limits”. – Chef Thomas Stork

His simple and relaxed approach to making the best Paella I have ever tasted is why I actually videoed the whole experience.  The location was in an open setting, right on the seafront. I loved Thomas vibe and energy that he created for the cooking class.

There were many guests watching in envy and this was also the perfect opportunity to keep on interrupting Master Chef Thomas. It is why I also loved the experience so much as food. Cooking outside is a beautiful way to bring everyone around the globe together.

Thomas taught me that being patient is the key to making a brilliant dish. With his relaxed nature, I had the utmost respect when he took it all in his stride, at the continuous interruption from other guests asking many questions and giving him the occasional advice on how to cook.

The tortilla was an interesting adventure for me as I finally realized why my version was never going to match his. In pure anticipation, I watched how he was going to create the perfect tortilla and that was just magic. It tasted absolutely fabulous. I loved how he sat down with me and ate his own creation and in this, I discovered that Thomas had his own style of creating food.

I would highly recommend booking a masterclass experience and also take the time to ask Thomas his top paella and rice tips.

Watch the video in envy and learn from the master himself.

Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - restaurant

El Chiringuito Sangria And Sunsets

El Chiringuito’s setting is second to none regarding location right on the seafront and with views of the Mediterranean sea. It is a restaurant that offers high quality dishes and wonderful wines and cocktails. The atmosphere here with a DJ playing a great variety of music was the perfect way for me to spent a Sunday afternoon.

The food, the staff and the presentation were excellent but at the same time, it had a very relaxed feel to it. I opted for a spicy Mojito followed by some local cuisines and one of my favourites was the aubergine. I am a big lover of seafood, so I opted for local seabass covered in salt which took about 25 minutes to make but it was so worth it.

Make sure you book in advance and for those looking for a wedding venue, whilst I was here I witnessed a fabulous wedding and the atmosphere was divine. The setting was beautiful with fresh flowers and bright blue skies.

Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - restaurant Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - restaurant

Sea Grill Dining with a View

The Sea Grill restaurant boasts beautiful Mediterranean energy, overlooking the sea with stunning views. The seafood selection here was amazing, fresh and beautifully presented. Combined with a fantastic variety of wines and cocktails it is why I would highly recommend eating here. Regarding the wine list, ask the experts what to choose with regards to matching your food choices.

It is a perfect environment for families and also hosting business clients. The staff are well trained and offer excellent customer service. As for the dessert they are divine and it is the reason why I would return in a heartbeat.

Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - restaurantPuente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - restaurant


Situated in the heart of the resort in an open-air terrace environment is breakfast. I had the option to have breakfast inside or outside. The buffet selection of endless fresh food is why breakfast caters for all international guests. The food was fresh and there were many hot options to opt to get you going for the day. The beverages were vast in choices and the local fresh fruit, figs and nuts were wonderful to experience.

Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - restaurant Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - restaurant

Deluxe Junior Suite

My Deluxe Junior Suite had a very seaside feel about it. It was spacious at 60m². Both inside and outside there was a nice seating area. But my favourite area was the private terrace overlooking the garden. This was perfect with a nice bottle of wine together with some complimentary chocolates from Puente Romano.

The King bed was comfortable and the bed linen was fresh and felt lovely, it really had a Mediterranean ambience. There was plenty of storage space and plenty of room for a long stay. The Plasma TV was huge and I am a big fan of in-room portable tablets, which could be used within the resort. This allowed me to get updates on what was on offer on a day to day basis. Overall I had a real relaxing and restful nights sleep.

Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - deluxe junior suitePuente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - deluxe junior suite

Persian Marble Bathroom

The Persian marble bathroom with double vanity was spacious and lovely to soak in the spa bath. It had a nice light feel to it and the separate shower was an added bonus. Especially coming from the beach in where I needed to wash of the sand. The towels were large and fluffy and to top it all off the aromatherapy amenities were lovely to use both on my body and in my hair.

Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - deluxe junior suite


I was hosted by a stunning lady named Jana from Estonia, which just completed my stay. She represented the passion and life that Puente Romano adheres too. Puente Romano staff understand the luxury of serving their guests no matter what. My stay at Puente Romano was one of the most diverse, vibrant and luxury experiences to date, regarding a resort in Europe.

After the endless entertainment and interaction with many different staff members, I discovered that they love working here. Even on their day off some staff members would opt to pop in to see if their allocated area was running smoothly. This sends out a clear message on how Puente Romano value their staff let alone their guests.

It was also wonderful to be able to walk along the endless boulevard and soak up Marbella itself. Then to be able to return to the Puente Romano life and soak it up anytime of the year for 365 days.

Marbella combined with Puente Romano, is a unique part of Spain. On many occasions I had to reflect and take in that life is there for the taking, right here right now.

Thank you so very much to all the staff at Puente Romano you made my stay memorable.

Puente Romano Marbella - Luxury Review Spain - beach


  • Room Reviewed: Deluxe Junior Suite
  • Website: www.puenteromano.com
  • Address: Bulevar Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n, 29602 Marbella, Málaga, Spain
  • Phone: +34 952 82 09 00

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