Andres Velencoso – Male Model Style Tip Interview

Andres Velencoso – Male Model Style Tip Interview


Andres Velencoso

During a short break at the backstage at 080 Barcelona Fashion we observed a guy playing with a cute pet dog. We noticed the tall handsome Spaniard  is one of the best worldwide top models: Andrés Velencoso. He is best known for ad campaigns such as Chanel Allure Homme, Sport fragrance and Louis Vuitton campaign with J-Lo in 2003.

Gracie and myself immediately thought we have to interview him. And that’s how we finally met Andrés Velencoso. He is extremely kind, funny and so natural, that the interview flows easy. Andres Veloncoso has an amazing background about fashion. More than catwalks, covers, posing, … he is the kind of person who goes deeper into each designer, piece and industry. So, he is obviously a MenStyleFashion guy.

Andrés strongly supports the 080 Bareclona Fashion week: ‘Barcelona is my city. So it makes the 080 so special. And we have really good talents’. He is still working playing the roll as Ruben Barahona in TV series ‘B&B’. Andrés expresses his respect and admiration towards his colleagues.

While filming him, we notice how expressive Andrés is and his flare with the camera. Well, dear Andrés Velencoso, you have a challenge with Grazie Opulanza. And, ladies, holding a camera in front of Andrés Velencoso and Grazie Opulanza defines what two characters can be all about! Protection Status

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