Leonid Gurevich – Interview with MILLENNIUM magazine 2012

Leonid Gurevich – Interview with MILLENNIUM magazine 2012

Leonid Gurevich

Leonid Gurevich NYC designer, illustrator and stylist has become so increasingly sought after, that MILLENNIUM magazine wanted to explore more about Leonid.  You can buy fashion, but you can’t buy style. Gentlemen be inspired by what Leonid is saying. I solemnly swear to always endorse and support the unique, only the unique, and nothing but the unique.

The Interview

MILLENNIUM: Aside from the gowns you create, your personal style is awe-inspiring. How would you describe your individual style?

LEONID GUREVICH: The thing is that I just can’t help but wear unique pieces because my body rejects boring clothes, it’s literally a serious, incurable condition. So until recently, I’ve always made clothes for myself, but lately, there’s just no time and I’m always on the lookout for something unique. I am in love with a New York brand called NINH Collection. Everything they do epitomizes ‘cool’ to me. I also love Tripp NYC; you’ll find me wearing Tripp often.

Another favourite is a young menswear designer, Sunyoung Lee, recent F.I.T graduate, what she does is pure art. When it comes to personal style, I endlessly admire Salvador Dali. How brilliant was this man that he could wear anything as an accessory; from crayfish to a loaf of bread to dead bees – and still look incredible. What’s the secret one might ask? Confidence- you can put on the most ridiculous outfit, but if you exude confidence, they will respect you. Never be afraid to look interesting and original. You are not doing anything wrong, after all you only live once.

MILLENNIUM: Is it rare for designers to wear clothes from other designers? I feel you’re indiscriminately superb at promoting other brands, please explain?

LEONID GUREVICH: You see, everyone looks up to Europe for inspiration, while Europe indeed has given us some major masters, my intention is to draw attention to the fact that we have plenty of incredible emerging talent right here in the US; For instance, there’s a wave of extraordinary young Asian designers that create unbelievable masterpieces. Upon graduation, they are all stampeding to get jobs in the industry without realizing that this very industry will suppress and water down their unique creativity. I am not a model however when I get photographed in their clothes, I merely seek to catch and document their magic before it completely dissolves into oblivion veering into the mass market.

MILLENNIUM: What turns you off the most when seeking new stimulation?

LEONID GUREVICH: Banality and mediocrity. I don’t just dislike it. I hate it. I solemnly swear to always endorse and support the unique, only the unique, and nothing but the unique.

leonid gurevich millennium magazine interview

Photographed by (c) Julia Osina-Fridman & Pasha Setrova. NYC 2012. Magical hands belong to the mysterious Pasha Setrova – one of the singers of the music duo HOT GOD — with Pasha Setrova.

leonid gurevich millennium magazine interview

Photographed by Julia Osina-Fridman. (c) Julia Osina-Fridman & Pasha Setrova. NYC 2012

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