Andrew Marc- Rules For Leather Jackets

Andrew Marc- Rules For Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have to be one of the most stylish and versatile garments ever made. It is fair to say that a leather jacket is an item that is now considered as a classic garment, a must, something as necessary and basic as a t-shirt or a pair of jeans. The leather jacket is also a garment that never goes out of fashion. Over the years the transformation of leather jackets has varied, but those classic cuts will always remain. In choosing a leather jacket that suits your body type is probably the most challenge task of all. What looks good on one guy does not mean it will look good on you. So how to you choose a leather jacket that suits your body type? What key jackets will suit all body types? Does a leather jacket maketh a man?


Understanding Your Body Shape

Let’s flip the page and take a look at how to dress the three main body shapes for men: endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph.

An endomorph body shape means that you have a solid and generally soft body. Gaining weight is easy, but losing it is hard, so be careful. Endomorphs have hips and shoulders and there is very little or no indentation at the waist.  When it comes to jackets, keep it double-breasted because this type of jacket distracts the eye away from the center of the torso.


The Rhinecliff jacket is crafted in lightweight calfskin leather


Mesomorph guys, you basically have a large bone structure, large muscles and look athletic. Generally, your shoulders are wider than your hips and/or you may have a small waist. Make sure you opt  for  jackets that are wider at the shoulders but hug your waist; dark colors and tones will work for you; wear jackets that are hip or mid-thigh in length.



An ectomorph,  typically have small joints and lean muscles. Generally, you are tall (though not always), and your challenge is that you tend to look a bit thin so whatever clothing you wear should add bulk to your body. Wear jackets with shoulders that are padded; this gives them that extra bulk that is needed, and also creates the illusion of broader shoulders and a fuller chest.


This unisex Anchorage flight jacket, crafted in our softest, evergrain lambskin



The Gustavus is crafted in an evergrain, supple lambskin that softens as it ages.


Rules for Leather Jackets

However, even a leather jacket must adhere to some rules:

  • Minimal zips/pockets: You’re jeans are for phones, wallets and loose change, your leather jacket requires two pockets and those are for putting your hands in. Plus, the lady hanging off your arm will be carrying a handbag anyway.
  • Collar optional: A tricky one this with no set rule. Personally I go for the round neck but if you want to rock a collar don’t let me stop you.
  • No logos: Unless you’re a Hells Angel or part of a motorcycle gang keep your leather jacket logo free. If you want a jacket with logos, get yourself a baseball jacket.

A few basic tips can help you buy better, dress better, work better, and play better with quality products that will stand the test of time.


Newfane made of faux leather that is finished in a grain detail.

Grades of Leather:

  • Genuine Leather – Sounds fancy, right? Well, leather hides can be over a quarter of an inch thick. They are split into layers, and the lowest layer is Genuine Leather. This layer has the loosest fibers making it the least durable. It can be refinished to look like a higher quality leather or left rough (for example Suede). Either way it is meant to look pretty, and that’s about it.
  • Top Grain – Now we are getting somewhere. Top Grain comes from the upper layer of the hide where the fibers are tighter and the leather is more durable. Top Grain has been sanded and refinished to remove scars and blemishes from the surface of the hide. This process decreases durability, but makes for a clean pristine surface, and an overall quality leather.
  • Full Grain – This is the cream of the crop, the best leather money can buy. Full grain is the very top layer of the hide, with the tightest fibers resulting in the utmost durability. Full grain leather can be identified by subtle markings and scars that tell the story about the life of the animal. There is no sanding and refinishing with Full Grain leather. This is leather in its purest form, and every product made with full grain leather is unique. This leather can last a lifetime and ages beautifully. You will be hard-fought to find products made of full grain leather.

The Bedford jacket is made in calfskin leather

With Andrew Marc, there are  many options to choose the right jacket for your body type. It is also a store that  varies both in designs and quality of leather jackets. When it comes to choosing your leather jacket, it is all about  how much you want to spend. Remember a leather jacket is like your favorite car, it never dates. Protection Status

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