What To Wear To Parties And Work Do’s!

What To Wear To Parties And Work Do’s!


What To Wear To Parties And Work Do’s!

When the venue for the work Christmas party is announced, there is a flurry of excitement, mainly focussing around what to wear. Some scour their cupboards, some bury themselves knee deep in high street stores, but some go one step further and have clothes tailor made, so they can be worn for many future occasions. Here are the top 5 tips for what you should and shouldn’t wear to the office Christmas party!

1) Don’t wear a funny bow-tie or tie. You do not want to be the only person there acting like a joker, when everybody else has made an effort and looks elegant, especially to a black tie do! Invest in a silk tie if you want to wear one, otherwise, there is no harm in teaming a blazer, jumper and shirt and forgoing the tie entirely!

2) Ask other people what they will be wearing. You want to fit in, you do not want to come in jeans and an un-tucked shirt if it is a smart do at a classy venue!

3) Ensure that your clothes fit properly before wearing. Many people have celebration clothes which they wear once a year, not changing their mind whether they have put on or lost weight. For men, a tailored suit fits the body in all of the right places and it is wearable time and time again. At Fielding and Nicholson, if you lose or put on weight, your suit is altered free of charge so it will always mask you body in the right ways. Clothing is art – you wouldn’t hang ugly art on the wall, so don’t hang it on your body.

4) Make sure that your shoes match what you are wearing. If you are wearing a tuxedo, you do not want to wear brogues. A classy pair of leather shoes always goes down well, but make sure they are clean and not scuffed.

and finally

5) Don’t go OTT! You want to fit in, look sartorially elegant and suave, not like the mad uncle in brightly coloured socks, an unbuttoned shirt and a tie that is not tied properly!

If you would like help in deciding what to wear for your work Christmas party, formal or casual, Fielding and Nicholson will be able to help with a wardrobe analysis and professional advice. Please email [email protected] for further advice.




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