Komaneka At Bisma Ubud Bali – Spa & Food Review

Komaneka At Bisma Ubud Bali – Spa & Food Review

luxuy-week-bali-300I have visited Ubud in Bali which is located inland amongst beautiful rice fields, several times over the years and have seen it develop. It is now in 2016 a popular destination that offers some of the best restaurants, spas, resorts and boutiques in Bali. Today we were asked to review a hillside property in Ubud,  called Komaneka at Bisma which offers stunning views of the Campuhan ridge and is located between some rice fields. It is a 25-minute walk from the centre of Ubud and is tucked away in a secluded area. This gives it a unique and uninterrupted view of Bali’s flora and fauna. Riding down the narrow alleyway to the resort, I instantly felt the exclusive luxury. The view was stunning and when I arrived at the reception area, it was a perfect example of Balinese interior design. Their craftsmanship for wood furniture and artwork was what they were known for. It was a stunning entrance and gives you an instant experience of Balinese luxury.


Komaneka At Bisma Ubud Bali Resort SpaKomaneka At Bisma Ubud Bali Resort Spa

Wana Jiwa Spa

I experienced the Wana Jiwa Spa, ‘Wana’ means forest, while ‘jiwa’ means soul. The spa villa was located in the midst of a tropical forest on the bank of the Campuhan River. Over many visits to Bali, I have tried many Balinese massages and they can be a hit and miss. On this occasion, I was intrigued to see what a 5-star resort could offer. The treatment I had was a  60-minute session of traditional Balinese style massage, using a combination of stretching, acupressure and Swedish technique to make your body relax. The setting was stunning and walking through the resort to get there made it even more exciting. The unique experience here was the spa was located right next to the river.

The sound of the running water here and its location was something I have not experienced in Bali before, it was amazing. Most tourists, including me sometimes, opt for a cheaper massage and all you hear is, motorbike traffic and a CD playing some relaxing Balinese music whilst having a massage. Before my treatment I was given a drink created from the fruit called, tamarind, it was so yummy and refreshing, I ate it raw as well, it tastes like a date. 

The view and setting were stunning and even when I was in the changing room I still had a great view of the river. This had been well thought out and was one the most amazing location I’ve had a massage ever. Everything was very clean and the staff were professional and explained in detail your treatment. I had my partner with me so for the first time ever we had a massage that I call synchronized massage. The masseuses, at the exact same time, did the same treatment on us, I could hear it during the treatment. When I was sitting up, the massage therapists were working on my back, I noticed the therapists, were making eye contact so they were in sync, this is a skill and experience you must try if you are a couple. 

Komaneka At Bisma Ubud Bali Resort Spa FoodKomaneka At Bisma Ubud Bali Resort SpaKomaneka At Bisma Ubud Bali Resort Spa

Flower Bath

With nature like this at my fingers tips, it only makes sense you ask for a flower bath after my treatment. The handpicked fresh flowers looked and smelled great. For me just appreciating the effort it took to pick them gave me a real appreciation of the world of luxury. It completed my treatment and gave me a beautiful sense of what Bali had to offer. The Jacuzzi is an usual combination to have as I was used to seeing stone baths in Bali, but they were hard to keep the water warm and I understood why they went for modern technology here. It was truly a great experience overlooking the river and forest, soaking away in flowers. I would encourage anyone staying here to ask for this treatment and even if you are not staying here I would make the effort, to have this experience. It was a perfect way to relax, both my body and mind.

Komaneka At Bisma Ubud Bali Resort Spa - flowersKomaneka At Bisma Ubud Bali Resort Spa

Seneng Kitchen Restaurant

I was given lunch just to complete my relaxing stay. Here in Bali the dishes are small bite size servings compared to other nations. This made sense considering the heat out here. Whilst eating lunch, I read about the love story of two people that were at the very heart and soul of Komaneka. The following dishes were really lovely and combined with the view and setting made for a perfect way to complete my spa treatment.


Lumpia, deep fried spring roll with chilli lime dip

Lumpia, deep-fried spring roll with chilli lime dip

Main Course

Sate Udang, grilled prawn kebabs with peanut sauce, lawar vegetables and steamed rice

Prawn Sate

Komenaka Samara Ubud MenStyleFashion Indonesia Ubud 2016 (5)Komenaka Samara Ubud MenStyleFashion Indonesia Ubud 2016 (6)


This was one of my favourite dessert dishes throughout Asia.

Komenaka Samara Ubud MenStyleFashion Indonesia Ubud 2016 (1)

Dardar, Balinese crepe filled with grated coconut and palm sugar served with vanilla ice cream.


In our world of fast pace, Bali is the perfect place to get your life into perspective. I find when in Bali, my weight drops because of the lifestyle out here just balances, my body, soul and mind. To me, this is what I call the world of luxury. Understanding and experiencing new cultures, the way other people value the way we should treat our bodies from the inside out. The setting out here at Komaneka At Bisma was just spectacular. The massage setting was very unique and I don’t think I could find better surroundings than here in Bali. So for this reason alone, please treat yourself once and come and experience it yourself.


  • Spa: Wana Jiwa Spa at Komaneka At Bisma
  • Website: bisma.komaneka.com
  • Address: Jl. Bisma, Ubud, Kec. Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62 361 971933

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