Sweating is a natural response from our bodies. It is a way of cooling the body when the temperature rises above normal. However, the aftermath of sweat is usually an unpleasant odour, and the most affected area is the underarm. Fortunately, the natural deodorant on the market helps you stay fresh and avoid public shame.

What are natural deodorants?

Deodorants are skincare products that are used to remove smelly odours from sweat. There are chemical-based deodorants and chemical-free products. What is the difference? The former uses an aluminium substance to block sweat pores, small holes on your skin that allow sweat to come out.

Chemical-free deodorants do not block pores on the skin but simply neutralizes the bacteria and mask the smell with a sweet fragrance. That way, your body can stay fresh even when you sweat. Because there are no chemicals involved, these are commonly referred to as natural deodorants, they also make the ideal deodorant for kids.

What causes body odour, and how the natural deodorant neutralizes it?

Before we answer whether to change to natural deodorants or not, let us first understand where the body odour comes from. As the sweat is excreted from your body, it comes to the surface of your skin. While on the skin, it starts to digest your skin, giving rise to products that bacteria feed on. The unpleasant smell or odour is generated from the bacterial action.

Natural deodorants work in two ways. One, they kill the bacteria on your skin. There is no smell if there are no bacteria to feed on the products of sweat and skin reactions. Secondly, the natural skincare product can mask the unpleasant odour from the skin with a sweet natural fragrance.

Why do people increasingly prefer natural deodorant?

Apart from using these products for skincare, there are many other reasons why people are switching to them.

  • Remove sweat stains: The number 1 reason to use deodorants is to remove the odour from the sweat. As already mentioned, natural deodorants neutralize the bacterial action, which is responsible for the smell.
  • Fewer stains on the garment: Natural deodorants leave fewer stains on the garments compared to chemical-based products. For this reason, many different cosmetic product users are now changing their preferences.
  • Worry-free skincare products: The aluminium chemical in antiperspirants has been linked to cancer, though not fully scientifically proved. That has created fear among people who now prefer to use natural deodorants.
  • Change of lifestyle: Many people are increasingly adopting natural means of survival. They are moving away from products packed with chemicals, something that has popularized natural deodorants.

What do you need to know when using natural deodorants?

Natural deodorants will allow your body to excrete sweat normally. That means you will be prepared for sweating, and that should not be of great concern if you still stay fresh. Perspiration is important for your body and should not be halted, as in the case of chemical-based deodorants. When choosing your skincare products, remember to stay healthy and keep healthy skin as well.