Are you planning to head to one of the best and lavish casinos this weekend? Wondering what exactly you should wear to look the best? It is the best opportunity to dress up with your friends and family. There are a few aspects you need to take care of, though. Men’s Vegas outfits can serve as inspiration, but it’s essential to learn about the appropriate dressing code. Casinos usually highlight these for men and women well in advance.

It’s essential to have fun and look presentable while on the premises. The author Victoria Oliveira (find out more about her here) shares her thoughts on the best casino outfits for men.

Formal Shirt with Trouser or Jeans

If you are not willing to dress up entirely in formals, you need not worry. You can always head up to most casinos wearing whatever you feel comfortable in, such as a shirt and jeans or trousers. Just make sure that the colour combination is well balanced and attractive!

What to wear to a casino, men often ask. If you’re short of ideas on any given day, this approach rarely fails to make a good stand.

Formal Dress Code

Well, dressing formally is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s perfect when you’re home looking at the best gambling platforms present at casinos online Portugal. But if you are planning to head out and nail it, you can try wearing a three-piece suit along with a black tie, which is trending these days. Another adventurous option is wearing a tuxedo with an excellent pair of shoes and a fantastic watch. Leather shoes are preferable to jazz up the look. 

Think of men’s vegas outfits just like in the movies and you can’t go wrong!

formal casino outfit men

Semi Formals

If you don’t want to dress formally, you don’t need to feel defeated. You can opt for semi-formals as well. All you need to do is wear a plain shirt or a t-shirt with a round collar and then wear a jacket or a blazer over it. You will look handsome without any hassle and look your best without even trying!

This is an all-time favourite amongst Portuguese casino fans, where a balance of chique and comfortable create the right setting for everyone.

Business Casual

Men get a massive sigh of relief when they hear the words business casual because it does not include wearing a tie. Men most commonly wear business casuals, as these are pretty easy to pull off. All it takes is a sports coat or a blazer with slacks and a shirt that is casual with open collars. Loafers can suit you well if you are planning for business casuals.

You can opt for a polo shirt too if they are comfortable wearing it. Wearing a tie is pretty optional for men if they have decided on business casuals as their choice of casino outfits. Just make sure whether it is acceptable at the specific casino to avoid embarrassment and weird looks.

Business casual


You can just as easily wear casuals for a casino night. Casuals mean no ties, no suits, any coloured T-shirt or shirt – or even plain ones. Casuals can be comfortable and smart-looking at the same time. It’s all down to picking the right style, the right tone and the right attitude.

Portuguese players are big fans of a casual look. A great pair of jeans, a plain shirt and comfortable footwear usually suffice.

Wear Suitable Accessories

Don’t mess up your overall look with too many accessories, but you can pick the one suitable to jazz up your look. For example, you can wear a gold chain, hat or watch and look more handsome and dashing! However, the accessories should be matching your outfit and should blend well. Please don’t overdo it!

General Rules of Thumb

  • Avoid wearing flip flops while going to a casino night at all times;
  • Never prefer sneakers over leather shoes;
  • Avoid wearing dirty, torn-out, or old outfits;
  • The costlier the casino, the better you should dress up;
  • Dark suits with light-shaded bottom trousers can look perfect.

Hope you got enough ideas on how to dress up perfectly for a casino night and look stunning! What to wear to a casino, men tend to ask. It depends much on the type of casino you are going to visit. The dressing code you choose will help you in determining the experience you get.

Do pay attention to the minor details of your outfit before heading up to a casino. Just wear an outfit you’re comfortable enough to have fun and enjoy the experience.