Botox and More – Guide to Cosmetic Treatments for Men

Botox and More – Guide to Cosmetic Treatments for Men

Meet The Image Conscious Men

Intelligent, ambitious, fashion conscious and now over-groomed MenStyleFashion meets Dr Esho to discuss the growing number of men who see the skin that they are in as the perfect fashion accessory.

Its 7am and Jack Byron has just shaved his chest, applied his bespoke £200 eye cream and £50 facial moisturiser to his freshly botoxed skin as he does every morning before work. He makes his move back to the bathroom of a flat with a view even Mr Grey would envy, and begins tending to his hair, blow drying and styling to perfection, before donning his Saville row tailored suit and making his way to his morning meeting.

“It’s important to me look good, when I I look good I feel good.. and that makes me better at my job,” says Jack looking like he had just stepped out of a new issue of GQ. “I wasn’t always like this but a few years ago I started not to like what I saw in the mirror I went to reunion with some mates.. And one of my pals looked amazing .. .I couldn’t get over how good he looked from what I remember so I asked him ( very quietly!) what have you been doing ? He replied “Botox”… My jaw dropped.. Steve was the kind of guy you would imagine walking into the woods, building a fire and not washing for days!.. But I couldn’t argue with whatever he was doing as he looked great so I decided to do something about it myself and booked into see Dr Esho ( cosmetic doctor ) and now Taking care of my skin is part of my everyday routine and I feel better than ever.”

For Jack, looking good now is full-time job. By day he works as part of a communication firm securing corporate contracts whilst at night he is at the door of one of Newcastle’s popular nightclubs, a world away from luxury skin regimes you would of thought at first glance. “All the guys on the door take a lot of time in looking good, if it’s not Botox, peels and creams, then it is gym and sunbeds, but we all do it” jack states firmly

Botox Treatments

The 32 year-old Geordie is part of a growing number of men who have turned to non surgical treatments to enhance there appearance. The lines between fashion and beauty have become blurred and to many Botox has become as important as the right pair of shoes. Terms such as ‘metrosexual’ or more recently ‘spornosexual,’ ( metrosexuals steroid pumped older brother !) have been coined to capture this phenomenon. But whatever the term used, the numbers don’t lie, with the number of males using non surgical treatments growing to over 25% in the last few years.

In some ways this is not surprising, you don’t have to have to know the terms used above to noticed that men are becoming more groomed and image conscious. You watch TV and you will say Made in Chelsea or TOWIE where every man looks great. If you look on the cover of any men’s magazine there usual will be “Top ten ways look good this summer!” With a man etched to perfection on the front cover that when you show the mrs she says “oh no he is too pretty” but then secretly lusts over with her friends on that annual girls night.

Dr Esho

Dr Esho, also dubbed “Dr beautiful” and voted 2014 best cosmetic doctor by the good surgeon guide welcomes the trend. “I think it is great men are taking more interest in how they look, in a society where we are trying to echo equality why shouldn’t they?.. Your skin is the one suit you never take off and is with you for life so why not invest in it like the Boss suit you may only bring out for that deal maker meeting?.

Dr Esho noted the same rise as above on men using non surgical treatments, with Botox and tear trough procedures been top of the list.

Tear Trough Procedure

“Everyone now knows Botox, I predict in a few years this will be as common place as make up. What’s interesting is the growing awareness of what procedures can be done in the market. A lot of men quote tired, hollowed eyes as their main worry, and are finding out that a simple solution in the form of a 10 minute tear trough procedure has changed their lives.

Jack Byron was one of these men. “I first went to Dr Esho for Botox as I knew that it would help with the lines on my forehead. But then I was amazed at what else you could do without having to go under the knife. I recently had my tear trough procedure as I always would wake up with tired eyes no matter how much sleep I got . Now I wake up fresh and more confident than I’ve ever been.

Power of Social Media

So it seems to hold true that awareness has played a big role in this evolution, but this is more than just TV adds and magazines. Many see social media as the new driving force and with almost every home owning a smart phone device it would be hard to argue with this.

Noel Mack, a videographer and brand developer behind some of the UKs most exciting brands, and has his studio in the Birmingham, very much agrees. “Social media is very powerful tool, when before you had to rely on magazines or TV you can now via your phone click direct to images of people taking “selfies” or the newest must have treatment or look.

Does this make men a little more self-conscious . A recent article in the times has condemned the use of “selfies” a do noted this as a reason for insecurities. But is it that we as men are just more aware of what is out there and have become motivated to make change.

Some see this change negatively, where men who are taking such lengths to improve how they look are stereotyped to lack in terms of intelligence. But this old argument seems redundant in modern times with examples such as Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay, both at the forefront of their respective industries and open about their cosmetic procedures.

“Whatever people say I know I look good and yes I did these things look better but I have no problem with.”stated Jack confidently

So next time when looking in the mirror getting ready for that meeting or that evening out will it be the skin that your in that will become next accessory you invest in ?

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