Classic Five Watches – Pay Attention To The Timing

Classic Five Watches – Pay Attention To The Timing

Money cannot buy style, but if you choose the right hour, you will feel happy. You can be sure to get your investment back (in addition, at a large interest rate), if you make the right purchases and treat your small assets well. Whatever watch you will buy, Tissot T Touch, Breitling Navitimer, etc … make sure it suits your personality.

Here are five watches that all supervisors must recognize, representing the most important types of watches. So whether you want good diving bells, elegant or classic cabinets, we have something for you.

1. Rolex Daytona – The Best Racing Watch

Daytona Beach is a classic racing field and therefore it is not surprising that Rolex, who sponsors racing legend Sir Malcolm Campbell, dubbed the hours of his race to Daytona. For a long time, this watch was really as cold as ice on the market, but since the end of the eighties, the price has risen. Old Hollywood hunter Paul Newman is a loyal user, and the initial model he uses is highly sought after.

Rolex Daytona - The Best Racing Watch

2. Omega Speedmaster – First Watch On The Moon

Buzz Aldrin was probably the second person on the moon, but he was the first person to wear a watch. And what time does it have? An Omega Speedmaster, of course! The model had seen the light of day in 1959, but what followed with Apollo 11 was a model from 1963. Since then, a number of different variants have seen sunlight, but all still have original elegance that is unmistakable.

Omega Speedmaster - First Watch On The Moon

3. Jaeger’s LeCoultre Reverso – Polo Watch With A Twist

No matter how careful you are with your watch, it will get a few signs. But if you are really careless, the Reverso watch is right for you. Why? That is reversible. The origin of the unique design is that it is made for horse polo players. Because it’s probably the most arrogant sport in the world, players naturally have to swear their watches when they play. But one doesn’t get rich with waste, so the fact that bells are often destroyed by opponents’ wooden sticks is one problem.

After all, one solution could be to remove the watch during the game time, but fortunately, they chose another method, and a penalty that could be reversed was born.

Jaeger's LeCoultre Reverso - Polo Watch With A Twist

4. Breitling Navitimer – Crazy Watch

To have so much information about the watch, Breitling’s Navitimer flight watch is very clear. Chronograph, a reversible circle around the watch surface, can be used to calculate travel speed, fuel consumption, multiplication, and division. It’s pretty impressive, and it’s just a little more complicated than doing it with any application. Breitling is a genuine luxury brand, but this is a watch that will never lose popularity.

4. Breitling Navitimer – Crazy Watch

5. Cartier Tank – The Best Classic

The other watches on this list are quite old, but none is older than Cartier Tank. This is one of the first watches and began production in 1917. In short, most watches today are pocket watches. That a watch has been produced for a hundred years might say the most about how good it really is, but enough just to see it get urgent requests. The Art Deco style is constantly being returned and the model is a class definition.

Cartier Tank - The Best Classic Protection Status

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