Ropes have been used from ancient history for many different purposes and surprisingly, they never go out of style. Rope weaving techniques have however changed as a result of advancements in technology and all that. Ancient Egyptians were perhaps the most advanced in their time. They were very resourceful in the art of rope making. They developed tools that helped in the construction of stronger and longer ropes that came in handy in the construction of pyramids. They could use ropes to pulley huge blocks of curved stones and curved images made of stone.

This is still true in today’s society. Ropes are still used in an array of professions. From industrial workers, rock climbers, sailors, and arborists, all utilize ropes on a regular basis. However, manufacturers became more thorough and made ropes designed for specific uses. While arborists may prefer to use Arbortec ropes, this will not be the case for sailors. However, no matter the need, there will always be a rope made for it. You can be sure about that.

Today, ropes are still being used to lift, tie, and swing. It was until the 40s and 50s after the development of polypropylene and polyester when the first nylon and polyester ropes came into use. They could be used along ropes developed from naturally sourced materials such as sisal, hemp, flax, jute, and cotton. Modern ropes whether synthetic or from natural sources are much stronger and durable. But if you’ve been using yours for too long, it may be time you retired it! But before you throw an old rope away, there are some cool things that can come out of it.

Here are awesome accessories you can make out of some old rope.

rope rugs

1. Rope Rugs

Depending on the condition of your rope, you can make some cool rugs and welcome mats for your patio. But the thing is, you don’t want it to flake and leave a mess in your house. We suggest storing your ropes in some rope storage bags to protect the ropes from getting exposed to the elements. This way, whether old, they can still be reused for other purposes. That said, if you have some knitting skills in your sleeves, it’s time to put them into good use by making floor rugs and doormats. So, if you spent your years avoiding to step on your rope, now you can step on it all you want.

2. Dog Leashes

Old climbing ropes can be recycled into neat dog leashes. You can simply attach the rope on their collar by attaching a retractable handle clip. You can also go all-in and try out some knitting techniques using the old climbing ropes to customize the dog leashes how you want. This is the perfect gift for a dog lover!

3. Scratch Posts for Your Feline Friend

If you’re looking for the perfect way to finish off your old ropes, then your cat will be there to give the rope a nice send-off! All you need is a small post (with a diameter of 8cm-10cm) that has a nice base. Then with an old rope, tightly wrap it around your supported post. You can replace wood with old PVC pipes. Your cat will absolutely love your ingenuity and it will help to prevent them from scratching your expensive upholstery.

rope rugs

4. Rope Ladders

For those who have tree houses or just need an extra pair of climbing tools, then old ropes can be customized into neat climbing ropes. They’ll especially look more natural when used for tree houses. But you’ll need to consider the condition of the rope before turning them into a climbing rope.  It’s important that if you have kids around, to space the rungs depending on their age. The side ropes can be double reinforced to provide maximum support and strength.

5. Door Wreaths

Thick old ropes make the best wreaths. All you need is to roll or coil your rope into a big rope ring. Then using smaller ropes or shiny brass wires, secure your ring from getting loose. Using your rope ring as the base, decorate it with flowers, feathers, fabrics, or anything else that rhymes with the season. This is the perfect way of telling your friends, “welcome home to the holidays!”

6. Shelf Suspenders

Old ropes can be used to add some flare in your home in the most natural way and inexpensively. All you need are light shelves that go well with your walls and an old rope. The ropes can be tied around the shelves and strategically, suspending the shelf system on the wall. You can use a multi-layered shelf system or with just one shelf. You can place some flower vases on top of the shelves or accessorize them with seashells.

Some items can get so attached and getting rid of them can be tough. If you had gotten attached to your climbing rope and are finding it hard to let go, don’t do it just yet. Use the above tips to accessorize your home and you’ll be glad you came to this article.