Men’s Bracelets – Show Some Wrist Fashion

Men’s Bracelets – Show Some Wrist Fashion


Men’s Bracelets

Growing up in Australia one thing I noticed. It was only in the the southern area of European countries such as Italy, South of France as well as Spain, guys had been very often seen with a gold bracelet, along with small links, in the 80’s. On the contrary, in the northern European countries, bracelets were not common by most. In the last few years this trend is changing with more and more men around the globe embracing wrist fashion.

Bracelets are a subtle expression of your personality. It illustrates what your fashion taste is as well as what message you want to give out. More so now the bracelets that are on offer really comes down to price categories. Whether you are wanting to buy something from less than £20 or from a few hundreds to a couple of thousands. It comes down to you.

How To Embrace Wrist Fashion

  1. Think about what message you want to give out.  Is it ,the biker look, the trendsetter or Mr sleek.
  2. You can pair a bracelet on the same wrist as your watch but make sure the wrist bracelet enhances your watch. If you own a  high-end watches like a Patek Nautilus, AP Royal Oak, Cartier Santos or a Panerai, don’t pair it with a cheap steel, but with a nicely designed bracelet. Choose a bracelet like that does justice to the quality of your watch.
  3. Don’t wear too many at once. This can work well when its summer and we are in our board shorts with a nice tan. But can look too much at other occasions.
  4. Mix and match – Neutral colours in black and brown leather match well with coloured nylon cords.
  5. Pair bracelets with suits – Break down the corporate dress code.
  6. Take care when swimming or showering – Leather bracelets make sure you take them off.
  7. Massimo Dutti always has timeless leather men’s bracelets, very affordable.
  8. Diesel creates the latest trends when it comes to wrist bands.
Cartier Menotte - bracelets for men
Skulls Patek men wearing bracelets

The right combination here looks so sleek

Luis Morais - men's bracelet

Luis Morais – men’s bracelet

Cartier Menotte, bracelets for men

Cartier Menotte, bracelets for men

honeyee cartier 2012 - man wearing a bracelet

Cartier Honeyee

Diesel men's bracelets for 2012

Diesel men’s bracelets for 2012

Ed Westwick - silver bracelets

Ed Westwick showing how cool it looks to choose your own bracelet style

Yax Ox bracelet, very Johnny Depp

Yax Ox bracelet, very Johnny Depp

Biker inspired bracelet

Biker inspired bracelet

bracelets for men - silver

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