Back Pain – 10 Facts About Excercise

Back Pain – 10 Facts About Excercise

The most annoying part of your morning can be waking up with a nagging neck or back pain. There may be many reasons for this. You have recently started using a new pillow which is not conducive to your sleeping posture and is causing more harm than good; you might have slept in a different stance which has placed your back in a position of strain and hence is in pain. Back pain is also related to travelling postures or even the chair you use or the position you sit in when you are in office.

Let us have a look at some serious facts about back pain and why exercising is the best way to handle it and not get bogged down by it.

  1. Helps you recover faster

Most back pains which happen naturally are not very critical. Unless you have a back pain which is related to some kind of trauma or injury, it subsides within a week or ten days. In the course of this time, instead of being immobile and making it worse, keep your day to day movements. Why? Because the minute you decide to keep stationary, your back will stiffen in that one position and you will be in more discomfort than you began with.

  1. Running & Walking Benefits

While suffering from back pain, it may seem impossible to get off the bed and bring yourself to go for a walk or a jog. By doing this exercise like a light jog or a brisk walk or even a leisure stroll, you enable your back to stay erect and stretched in the right position for all the time that you are in motion. This action helps your back muscles to stretch and return to normal.

  1. Concentrate On Your Core

We always talk about strengthening our core. What do we mean by that? Core or core workout doesn’t always mean aiming at attaining those perfect surfboard abs or a ripping a six-pack regime. The core is the area around your spine toward your back muscles, pelvic girdles, your diaphragmatic area and your midsection that is the front of your torso. The working and strengthening of these muscles are called engaging your core.

Back Pain

  1. Don’t Lie Down A Hindrance To Curing Of Back Pain

In a situation of discomfort, our first reaction is to lie down as we assume that it is the appropriate and only responsible action to get better. Lying down and painkillers are not a solution to back pain. Prolonged rest and stagnating yourself leads to back pain getting worse and heightens your level of discomfort. Being immobile not only enhances pain but also slows down your recovery time which would be faster if you were on the move. Confused? It is expected to be perplexed at the thought of continuing your day to day activities while having back pain and believing that it is only helping you.


  1. Yoga For Your Back

Yoga, with its smooth moves and postures which pleasantly skews and unskews the muscles of your body particularly your back, is the best remedy for addressing back pain. Yoga has breathing techniques which soothe the back and enforce a correct posture to the body hence helping it to heal.

  1. Therapeutic Massages And Exercises

The options of taking a therapeutic massage and engaging in the simple back exercises to heal your back are far from few. Going to a therapist or a physiotherapist helps as they recommend specific back and spine exercises which are simple to do even if you are in office and infuse a sense of strength and relief to the back.

  1. Water Therapy

Water therapy for back pain is the new trendsetter and newest kid on the block. Doctors prescribe water therapy as an exercise for patients with back or joint pain. You do not need to be swimming to be exercising for water therapy. You can be walking, playing water polo, water aerobics etc. are all aimed toward enough cardio workout while giving you relief for your back

  1. Go The Cardio Way

Cardio is a must for reducing your weight. The minute you are obese, your body is unused to that body weight, and the maximum impact is on your back. Cardio doesn’t need to be heavy. Keeping yourself pacing with your activities like walking your dog, going for a short morning stroll, going to the gym, all these exercises keep your back muscles from skewing excessively and help your back come back to normal.

  1. Tai Chi

Tai chi and Qigong are exercises which are aimed at people who have a problem with their lower backs. They are rigorous routines aimed at the core engagement which help in healing backaches.

Back Pain

  1. Enjoy Your Exercise

Enjoy your exercise and do what your body allows you to do. In some cases, there may be reasons for back pain which are related to your workout strategy. In case you are lifting weights, you need to be very careful during your weight training as they tend to put a strain on your back muscles and if your spine is not used to the load, it may not go hand in hand with the strength of your back muscles and cause them to hurt.


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