Bamigo Bamboo Comfortable Loungewear That Fits

Bamigo Bamboo Comfortable Loungewear That Fits

I am on a huge estate here in Tuscany Italy called Fattoria Mansi Bernardini. Everything is closed once again and enduring lockdown number two means I wanted to wear more loungewear comfortable clothing. Looking sloppy is not what I am about. I meet people on the estate and I like to look presentable.


I am trying out a new brand from the UK targeting loungewear for men in a stylish way, called Bamigo. Bamigo’s collection features a range of T-shirts, underwear, socks and loungewear. Its collection uses a unique blend of bamboo fabric mixing it with cotton. Using bamboo makes the production process much more environmentally friendly than cotton. To make one kilo of cotton, 8,000 litres of water is needed. In contrast, bamboo grows naturally and needs no artificial watering. Bamboo shoots can grow a metre each day.

I can say Bamboo feels very soft on my body.

For me, it’s important to have clothing that is easy to take on and off most importantly have a sustainable message behind it.


Receiving items is an exciting part of my day. The two items came in individual recyclable boxes. With a clear message from the brand, made with passion, packed with love, to be enjoyed in comfort.

Bamigo - Comfortable Homewear That Fits

I opted for the following two homewear items as they are stylish, practical, and easy to wash items.

Bamigo fabrics homwear fashion for men 2020 (2)

Zip Sweater

I am a huge fan of soft and high-quality zip sweaters. I opted for the Theodore sweater due to there is a subtle branding embroidered on the chest and a Bamigo label on the cuff. I am not a fan of brand labels that are plastered on the clothing.

The fabric is made using bamboo, meaning it’s super soft. It certainly feels lovely on my skin.

The fabric used for our loungewear has been specially developed by the brand,  it is therefore a unique aspect in the market.

I have combined the sweater with my Hugo sweatpants. I like to also wear it with casual jeans, or for a more stylish look, you can team it with a polo shirt.

Bamigo Theodore Zip sweater

Bamigo Theodore Zip sweater


As far as loungewear goes these Hugo sweatpants are super soft and stylish sweatpants that feature a regular fit. Again these are super soft and make the perfect match with the Theodore Zip sweater.

A drawstring waistband and ribbed ankle cuffs ensure the perfect fit for every man. Good for doing situps in them so I don’t put on any more weight.

Bamigo fabrics homwear fashion for men 2020 (2)

They are detailed with a subtle Bamigo label on the back. A brushed lining provides an extra-soft touch and added comfort. Two zippered pockets complete the look. I like this as it gives it a more stylish look for working at home.

Bamigo Hugo Sweatpants

Bamigo Hugo Sweatpants

Just before I put them in the wash I go for a run around the estate. Yes, dangerously versatile which means I would recommend buying other colours so you have a variety of loungewear looks. The loungewear options come in grey and navy blue colours.

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