New Year Trends – Upgrade Your Style For 2019

New Year Trends – Upgrade Your Style For 2019

Ringing in the New Year in style is a necessity for men of elevated fashion standards. Starting the year off on the right foot — or in the right outfit — is a way to start as you mean to continue on into 2019. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “let every New Year find you a better man.”

The ethos of becoming a better man applies to all facets of your life, ranging from behavior to how you present yourself to the world. What you wear sends a message to those around you. It lets others know many things about you, ranging from your ability for self-care to your fastidiousness to your eye for color, texture and fashion. You don’t want to send the wrong message, nor do you want to start off the year in the wrong suit.

To help you present yourself as the accomplished and fashion-forward gentleman you are, we have compiled the most recent menswear fashion trends from runways in Milan, Paris, Florence and London. Use this insider knowledge to elevate your own fashion game and become the better man you’re meant to be.

Randell Hanauer

Enhance Your Image

When men look to enhance their image, they may not know where to start. Luckily, the answer to upgrading is a simple two-step process:

First, don’t worry about less expensive items such as undershirts, t-shirts, underwear, socks, etc. They can usually be rebought as needed because they wear out faster.

Second, invest in more expensive pieces which are the foundational pieces to your wardrobe, such as suits, shirts, jackets, pants and shoes. These pieces should last a long time due to high quality, match well together and fit you properly. When they are damaged or worn, you can have them tailored or mended by a professional.

Here are a few examples of classic pieces which you should upgrade, as noted by Esquire: a white button-down shirt, a blue button-down shirt, a crewneck sweater, chinos, wool or flannel trousers, a dark suit and dress shoes.


2019 Trends for Fashion-Forward Men

Over the summer months, fashion shows in London, Milan, Paris and Florence have offered up trend after trend, a select few which are translating across from high fashion into men’s fashion for 2019. Here is a selection of the newest wearable trends percolating through the fashion ranks.


Graphic Knits – According to a Vogue report, “graphic knits have replaced graphic tees,” quickly becoming the must-have statement piece for fashion savvy gentlemen. Designs were seen from a range of labels, from Louis Vuitton to Valentino to Charles Jeffrey Loverboy and back again. You can also take your graphic knit look to the next level by adding a collared shirt and a solid colored bow tie or necktie.


Tailoring – As GQ notes, “tailoring was back — and in a big way.” Translated into everyday wear, this means tailored suits or garments which hug the form in all the right places, skimming the frame to evoke peak sophistication. Not only should you make sure that your clothing is tailored properly, but your accessories as well. Properly sized bow ties, neckties, jewelry, watches and shoes can make all the difference.


SageGQ further reports that while there were many colors which stood out on the runways, perhaps the most “wearable shade” was a beautiful tone of sage, as modeled in D2Squared, Canali and Oliver Spencer lines, to name a few. Since Sage is an elegant but muted shade of green, one can accessorize with blacks, grays and deep navy colors. Look for a soft sage pocket square to accompany a gray suit or a sage colored bow tie to offset a handsome classic tuxedo.


Seamlessly Integrate Trendy Accessories

For those looking to add in the latest trends via accessories, there is a world of choice awaiting you. For instance, take the three aforementioned trends of graphic knits, tailoring and sage. Bow ties and neckties are the obvious places to start integrating these trends, making it easy to place sage or a graphic knit design into your outfit without it being overwhelming. When shopping for a bow tie or necktie, be sure to invest in quality. Handmade bow ties and neckties are made with quality materials that are built to last and can be continually utilized in your wardrobe.

Watches, belts and shoes can also help with tailored looks by nipping in the waist (belt), accentuating a perfectly tailored wrist cuff (watch) or showing off tailored pant cuffs which could hug the ankle or rest right above the foot (shoe).


New Year, New Style, New Man

The New Year is all about starting a new chapter, leaving the old in 2018 and elevating to a new you. By integrating current trends into your own wardrobe, you can both stay ahead of the pack — before they hear about the trends later — and be a fashion leader amongst those you know. Use these cutting-edge 2019 trends for men to break away from the rest. The New Year is a time of change, a time of growth and a time for you to dress to the level you deserve.



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