Beards – The Beard Has Arrived, And It’s Here To Stay

Beards – The Beard Has Arrived, And It’s Here To Stay

Beards – Not Only For Santa

Growing up as child through the late 80’s and into the 90’s, the only man I knew with a beard was Father Christmas, and he turned out to be a fraud (sorry kids). The beard was the domain of the unkempt busker, the crazed science teacher; it was the armour keeping the cold from the hobo’s face, straggling along as he sought shelter from the winter elements.

Fast forward twenty years or so and oh how things have changed. These days the beard has become a byword for effortlessly cool, a mark not of a man hiding behind his face but embracing it, a symbol that says: look at me, I own a beard and I’m not afraid to rock it.

Beards – The Current Trends

Wherever you look these days men are embracing the bristles, short and neat (David Beckham, George Clooney, Tom Ford) to wild and free (Devandra Banhart, Seasick Steve) to everything in-between.

You only have to take a quick look at the world of men’s fashion to see how many beards are quite literally cropping up. Vivienne Westwood’s beau Andreas Kronthaler appears wild eyed and resplendent with a mass of fuzz around his chops in her latest ad. Paul Smith A/W collection had bearded gents sauntering down the runway. GQ Style appear to have gone beard crazy with tips and treatments for all your beard needs. Up-and-coming young design duo Agi & Sam used man of the moment Miles Better (yes, really) to show off their latest wears.

So however you want to wear it, be it big and bold or office smart, remember, just like the hair on top of one’s head, the beard it needs a little bit of tender loving care – a good shampoo and conditioner treatment every now and again will do the trick.

The beard has arrived, and it’s here to stay. Plus, Christmas is coming.

kooples 2012 men with beards

The Kooples 2012

paul smith mens autumn fall winter 2012 - model with beard

Paul Smith 2012

vivienne westwood man 2012 - model with beard - Andreas Kronthaler

Vivienne Westwood 2012, Andreas Kronthaler

man wearing a beard 2012 - Miles Better

2012 catwalk – Miles Better

beards for men

Missoni-e-Trussardi, models wearing beards

Missoni e Trussardi, models wearing beards

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