Corneliani Autumn Winter 2012

Corneliani’s latest and extravagant menswear collection for the cold Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 season portrays a vintage element to it.  The Great Gatsby written in 1922 comes to mind. Male mod­els Sam Webb, Andrea Preti, Lars Burmeis­ter and Alexan­dre Cunha appear in Ital­ian’s label tai­lored lineup, which reveals men’s soft ele­gance and comfort. These modern and sartorial pantsuits on models, look great and so masculine.

Short Coats

Here you will find interesting designs of men’s coats in modern casual touch. The short length coats attention to detail look so edgy. Team one of these coats with skinny jeans or leather trousers and you certainly have a unique sleek look. Completing an outfit in this way usually shows understated confidence and polished look.

How to Wear & Choose a Long Coat?

With increased formality on the catwalk, more men are comfortable to try this look as part of their winter wardrobe. Whenever men come in looking for an overcoat for their suits, they opt for a long length one. The materials commonly used in designing long coats are mink, chinchilla, cashmere and lambskin. They should not be so long as to be restrictive and adjusted so as to be in proportion to your height, but they should always be elegant. Ideally, coats should always be mid-calf.

The Suits

If you need to update your suit look no further. The tweed suits structure and colour will have you in the running for GQ stylish man of the year. The materials and patterns used here is very refreshing and youthful. I’m loving how they are teaming a more casual affair with the suit.

Be inspired by the Corneliani look. It is original and the coats and jackets alone will make you one of the stylish men for this coming winter.

Corneliani Fall Winter 2012 leather jacket

Loving the detail of the jacket

Corneliani Fall Winter 2012 puffer jacket

This blazer inspired jacket is very original

Corneliani Fall Winter 2012 wool sweater

Sleek wool sweater

Corneliani Fall Winter 2012 white suits

Very stylish indeed

Corneliani Fall Winter 2012 mens suits

Refreshing double breasted suits for this winter

Corneliani Fall Winter 2012 3 piece suits tweed

Tweed suits and jackets are timeless