Why Male Grooming Became So Big in 2015

Why Male Grooming Became So Big in 2015

In past years it was considered perfectly acceptable to roll out of bed and into the day, but these days are long gone and we have entered an era where male grooming has become an important part of a man’s routine.

Style icons like David Beckham have taken male trends away from the close-cropped, clean-shaven looks of the past and made it fashionable to sport all varieties of facial hair and allow the hair to grow longer for a trendy unkempt look, a ponytail or the coveted man-bun. With all this hair, the need for grooming and personal care products for men has risen drastically, bringing forth a slew of retailers offering men’s care products such as beard and moustache waxes and oil, speciality soaps, shampoos and elixirs, like the quality lines offered on the Henry Tibbs website.  Although hair is in fashion now it is important to be well-styled and carefully groomed in order to maintain a clean and attractive appearance and to keep course facial hair as fresh, and as soft and manageable as possible.

The Rising Popularity of the Beard

Grooming has become such a big topic amongst men his year as a direct result of the rising popularity of the beard. Facial hair in any array is quite the trend these days, but with so many guys carefully cultivating their moustaches and chin whiskers, it is only natural that personal grooming will gain popularity as well, as men attempt to style and tame their whiskers.

What makes beards so popular these days you ask? There are many factors that make growing a beard appealing to a man, including the fact that it can be styled a number of different ways giving guys the option to be versatile and change up their look easily. It has also been noted that a good beard makes a good conversation topic, and according to men, it fits the face in a most comfortable fashion.

A beard or variety of facial hair is very easy to individualise through styling, and men are able to obtain a number of different looks through grooming, including a fully natural approach, goatee, chinstrap and many other creative styling options.


Specialty Products

As the popularity of facial hair grows, more and more products for caring for facial hair pop up. Having a healthy, well-groomed beard does not come easy – a considerable amount of “manscaping” goes into achieving that perfectly overgrown look, and the right products are an absolute must.  Some products that a bearded and moustache loving man may want to implement into their personal care routine include a wide variety of waxes, such as Bounder Extra Firm moustache wax for staying power, Proraso Beard Balm for a desirable texture, beard oils for hydrating and shine like Captain Fawcett and Ricki Hall Beard Oil, beard elixirs to keep whiskers in overall good condition such as Mr Natty Frank’s Beard Elixir, and most importantly quality styling tools such as the Captain Fawcett’s folding pocket moustache comb with leather case.


Proraso Beard Balm for a desirable texture.


Captain Fawcett And Ricki Hall’s Booze & Baccy Beard Oil

All of the aforementioned products and anything else men may need to keep themselves perfectly manicured is available from top quality retailers like Henry Tibbs, making it easy to find everything needed for a well cared for mane all in one convenient location.

The Trend of Grooming

We can expect to see men spending as much time on themselves in the mornings as women these days, and it will likely stay this way while beards and more hair, in general, are trendy. Growing out facial hair is a big commitment for a man, and grooming routines are time-consuming, but an absolute must to keep the hair clean and manageable, so the beard and moustache can actually enhance the appearance of the wearer, not be seen as a mess.

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