Even the most handsome gentleman could feel uncomfortable about the big day due to his wedding accessories. Dressing for work is not the same as preparing for your wedding day.

When we began our list of groom accessories, the following thought occurred, ‘Can you have too many items for a groom-to-be?’ Well, not really. The most basic rule of thumb to be adhered to is that all your accessories look consistent. They should match a colour scheme and match the overall look. Various suit accessories compete for attention and look cheap and tacky.

Men’s wedding day attire is just as essential as women’s attire, whether they realize it or not. The bride and groom both need to look amazing. Few men are hesitant to do more unconventional and exclusive things when it comes to wedding attire, but for the most part, accessories are a common way to integrate tradition into menswear.

Here is a list of the best accessories to help complete your groom’s look, as well as some helpful hints on various ways to wear them.

Wedding Accessories

Of course, when selecting a groom’s accessories, you should choose those that complement your style; you are not required to incorporate all types of accessories into your look.

To get you started, here is a rundown of all the accessories a groom could wear on his wedding day.

Wedding Bands

Wearing wedding rings or bands as a groom doesn’t have to be awkward, and if you don’t it poses the issue of why you would refuse to carry one. Are you opposed to appearing engaged, and if so, why? Simply opting to be ringless is often insufficient as an excuse, with many wondering whether choosing to go ringless has more questionable motives. You can even get wedding bands below $200.

Wedding Rings Go To Tips That will Help You Find For Men


A traditional, ceremonial tuxedo is a standard option since it provides an innovative, elegant appearance and can also be very easy to wear all day if tailored well. The primary considerations for an all-in-one outfit are elegance and colour. Fabric such as satin, denim, suede, and cotton are all excellent choices. When it comes to colour, you may choose one that complements the overall style and a bold tone to represent your style.


A tuxedo or suit is not the only choice. If this look is not for you, remember your personal style and how it can be elevated for the special day. This could involve custom suits, band jackets, or even fancy wear.


When it comes to your neckwear, your groom can go for a necktie, a bowtie, or not wear a tie at all. The tie is the most popular office attire and looks good on any man. Bowties are marginally bolder but also carry a good reputation. Both are available in a variety of colours and patterns to complement every colour palette.

Neckties and bowties are excellent ways to coordinate the wedding colour scheme. The preference is determined by the theme of your wedding. Black tie necessitates the wearing of a tuxedo and a black bowtie. Additionally, different shirt colours determine the right tie preference. Try purchasing a tie in accordance with other accessories, such as cufflinks or pocket squares, to ensure that it suits you well.

Bow tie

Attempting to pull off a no-tie appearance, on the other hand, is a bold move. This look is more effective when paired with a non-traditional colour palette or suit rather than the standard black tuxedo. However, when used correctly, it can be a unique and exciting look.


A tiny flower design on your lapel can complement your bride’s bouquet. Modern flower styles are evolving in unexpected ways, some examples incorporating succulents, autumn leaves, feathers, and even charms and buttons.


Tie Bars

Tie bars bring both beauty and functionality to your outfit. However, if not worn properly, tie bars will completely destroy an attire; that is why it is important to understand the correct way to wear a tie bar.

Tie bars, in general, often assist in keeping the tie in position throughout the day. However, choices are not exclusive to silver and gold. Nowadays you can pick from a variety of finishes, including metal and wood. Additionally, there are several colours and forms that give a more sophisticated look.


There is debate about whether groomsmen should be permitted to wear shades at weddings. We believe that you should bring at least one pair of shades with you, as you may require them during the wedding photoshoot.

However, suppose the ceremony is held outside, and the sun is bright, making it impossible to concentrate on the event itself. In that case, we believe it is perfectly acceptable to wear sunglasses for some parts of the wedding.


Are you on the lookout for something really unique? For more formal times, a cravat adds a fashionable and elegant touch. However, a cravat worn within the shirt’s collar will completely transform the look. Additionally, wearing an ascot or cravat will further distinguish the groom from the groomsmen while remaining colour coordinated.



Shoes are less of an accessory and more of a necessity. Simultaneously, they are one of the most customizable accessories for a groom. This is an entirely blank page. Black, brown, and grey are all excellent options, and the only absolutely forbidden material is plastic. If your pants design will show your socks then you might want to colour-code them or consider a pattern if you’re the creative type.


Fratelli Borgioli Oxford Casual Brogued Shoes


We are going into advanced territories here, because the cufflink provides an enormous amount of opportunity for customization, especially considering their size. There are a range of designs available to fit specific preferences and will bring the outfit to life with the right cufflinks. Coordinate the cufflinks with the other elements in your outfit to achieve proper compatibility!



Critics have disagreed about whether belt buckles are appropriate for formal dress, but not every man carries a tuxedo. Whatever look the groom chooses, selecting the appropriate belts is very much a fashion trend since it is a functional requirement. A well-chosen leather belt provides a subtle look to the outfit without overpowering it.


Furthermore, those that accept belts on tuxedos should have no place; instead, belt suspenders should be utilized. Suspenders can conjure images of 1940’s businessmen, but they remain a common choice for groom’s outfits. The colour scheme should be complementary to the footwear.


Pocket Squares

The traditional white pocket square contrasts nicely with a black tuxedo. For those that are more ambitious, matching the pocket square with the shoes can be quite appealing.

Pocket Squares

Custom Watches

Suppose the groomsmen are dressed casually to compliment the groom’s wardrobe, which is appropriate for less formal ceremonies. In that case, one convenient way to arrange a match is with an item such as a custom watch.

If you and groomsmen are more traditional, opt for a sleek timepiece, or opt for a wooden watch for a more distinctive look. Purchasing identical, customized watches for your groomsmen is an excellent way to guarantee you are all on the same wavelength.

Certainly Not Your Phone

You do not want to skip a single second during your marriage by scrolling through social media. Give your device to a family member or a groomsman directly before the event. Receive their assistance in photographing great mementoes until the professional photographers come. Then, let go and savour every moment of your wedding!


As a groom, accessories are an excellent way to demonstrate who you are and your specific style. Accessories are no longer reserved for the bride on her wedding day. It is an opportunity to showcase your charisma and exclusive flair. Accessories express who you are in a playful way while also maintaining a focus on appearance. These accessory tips and patterns will ensure that the groom and the groomsmen look consistent and complimentary on the big day.