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Bespoke Denim Jeans

Once, not that long ago, people had their clothing’s custom made, using their body’s own unique specifications and a skilled tailor or seamstress to make the garment by hand. This process is called “bespoke” and due to the appeal of fast fashion and low price points associated with mass produced clothing today, the bespoke method of clothing production has sadly gone by the wayside. Despite this, den.m bar, a denim shop in the heart of Los Angeles’ fashion district is keeping the bespoke art alive by creating hand-sewn pairs of jeans — all of which receive creative input from the customer, even down to the type of preferred button.

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den.m. bar the process

The entire process at den.m bar works like this: First, the client chooses a style — men have a Slim Tapered or a Skinny option, women have a Skinny Straight or a Skinny option. Next, the client selects from the denim on display, which is an impressive collection of denim fabric from mills in Japan, North Carolina, and Georgia. After the den.m bar tailor records the client’s measurements, the final step requires the client to select a thread color, a zipper, a button, and the fabric to be used for the pocket lining. The jeans will be put together by a small team of talented sewers and in about a month’s time, after final fitting appointments, the client is handed a pair of jeans made to fit their body.,workshop

Your own jeans tailored to suit your body

My jeans are always to long. Not any more when I’m wearing

Customizing your Denim

Although customizing clothing is not a new phenomenon, brick-and-mortar shops dedicated to the art of bespoke clothing production is not a commonplace practice. Just to illustrate how serious den.m bar is about their practice, once your jeans have been created, the pattern and specifications for that pair are kept and stored away for future use. Additionally, It is possible for a client to bring in an old pair of favorite jeans and den.m bar will create a one-off pattern to ensure a perfect fit. If you aren’t satisfied with the lining offerings at den.m bar, you could bring in an old flannel or favorite fabric and den.m bar will gladly oblige. Doing business at den.m bar reminds you of why you steer clear of malls and other mass retailers in the first place.

Which jeans suit you? Don’t worry will tell you

The model at den.m bar not only provides the customer with stylish jeans, but ensures the quality of the work they do — each garment has a lifetime workmanship guarantee. Although getting denim jeans custom made to fit may be pricier than picking up new jeans from H & M, the fact is, the wearer will have a pair of den.m bar jeans longer than the latter — and they’ll probably fit more comfortably too!


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