Emerging Trends Fashion Challenge 2013 – Kickstart London Fashion Week

Emerging Trends Fashion Challenge 2013 – Kickstart London Fashion Week


Emerging Trends Fashion Challenge 2013

London Fashion Week is here! With adverts lining the streets of London and displays with live feed catwalks on show at most Topshop and Topman outlets in the city, now is the time that the fashion world is focusing on brands in the industry. Although mainly focused on women’s fashion (unlike London Collections: Men), there are a few showcases of the most recent SS14 releases in Men’s fashion. But still, the rule applies: your show is representative of your brand. I’ve never written a negative report before, and neither have I had such a strong viewpoint on the disorganisation of a show, but this year’s Synergy Emerging Trends 2013 show was an absolute shambles.

First Impressions

Having been given two complimentary VIP tickets to cover the show for MenStyleFashion, I expected top notch care for the guests and real organisation in place. Having battled through the torrential rain that had just hit London’s Marble Arch area, the concierge at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Portman Avenue showed me the way upstairs to the first floor, which had been hired by Synergy for the show.

After queuing for about 15 minutes to enter the waiting area – which was not designated as such – the outrageously priced drinks on offer left many guests bored and unentertained for the best part of 45 minutes prior to entering the main show space. Soon realising that all seated tickets were designated “VIP”, the 200 guests filled up the show’s main catwalk area and the competition began to a short video clip and a showcase of Rudy Wolff’s latest pieces, which reflected the theme of ‘Best of British’ that ran through the show.

Synergy emerging Trends Fashion Challenge 1

Rudy Wolf – Men’s Style at LFW

Despite the poor organisation of the show, evidenced by the presenters’ confusion over the order of things, the pieces themselves were an insight into what to expect from London Fashion Week, which began today. Rudy Wolff’s (Norwegian Designer) collection showcased a come back of the flag trend, however shifting from the previously ‘in fashion’ American flag, to a small hint of either a typically Scottish tartan or British Union flag, as shown in the images throughout this article.

Synergy emerging Trends Fashion Challenge 2


Synergy emerging Trends Fashion Challenge 5

Although viewing from a far, without the chance to get up close to the materials, they looked smooth. High quality and trendy, the use of the tartan style shawl added to the outfits’ general simplicities, being composed of jeans and a plain shirt.

Onward and Upward

The winner of this year’s Emerging Trends competition during London Fashion Week SS14 was Nina Athanasiou, whose designs reflected her suitably closed, comfortable and visibly creative personality. Her designs are well worth a look, considering she missed her son’s first day at school to attend the show and whose talent far outweighed that of the organisers.

Also well worth a mention is the partner charity, who Synergy selected to sponsor throughout the event. Mayamiko is a small charity that works in Africa with a team of 8 disadvantaged women, producing unique garments from locally sourced markets and providing free training through an internationally recognised education authority.

Overall, the talent was well worth a see, but Synergy’s presentation of the competitors was disappointing.

Synergy emerging Trends Fashion Challenge 3

With more in store tomorrow, stay tuned for exciting coverage of a behind-the-scenes look at a well-known and respected senior hair stylist’s salon that has given MenStyleFashion privileged access to their soon-to-open shop near Oxford Street.


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