Men’s Winter Fashion

Men’s winter fashions have come a long way over the years, and the days of simply wearing a coat and hat to keep warm are long gone. While certain trends for men tend to stay the same each season, this winter there are some amazing fashions that are both stylish and practical. If you are a man that is looking to spruce up your winter wardrobe this year, here are some great styles that are both affordable and fashionable.

Trench Coats

jonny-burt,-burberry,-beige, trench coat-2012

Burberry Trench coat for 2012

The trench coat is an all-time classic, made famous by the movie stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Trench coats are very popular this season, and they come in a variety of colours and styles. Double-breasted wool trench coats with an accentuating belt offer a look of style and class while providing warmth and comfort during the winter months. Leather trench coats are also a very popular choice, as their sleek design will never go out of style. Any man that is looking to make a good impression this winter will definitely want a classic trench coat as part of their wardrobe.

Wool Hats

my-yard,, wool hat for men, 2012

The wool hat is a fun fashion piece for men, and they are definitely a must-have item for winter. They come in a variety of styles and patterns, including rib knit, newsboy, and fleece-lined. A wool hat provides both warmth and comfort from the cold while promoting a sense of style and confidence for the wearer.

Oversized Scarves

Corneliani-Men-s-Collection-Fall-Winter-2012chunky-scarves, black

Corneliani Men’s Collection Fall Winter-2012

The oversized scarf is not just for the women anymore! This trend has been popular since last season and continues to grow as one of the most popular winter apparel items for men. The most popular style is the oversized cowl neck scarf, which looks great with a trench coat or a men’s army jacket. These scarves are here to stay, and they provide ultimate protection from the cold weather while maintaining an incredibly stylish look and feel.

Men’s Bomber Jackets

diesel, bomber-jacket,fall/winter, burnt orange 2012

Diesel, Bomber  Jacket winter, 2012

The bomber jacket is a classic style that is the epitome of cool. Specially designed with faux fur collars and hoods, these jackets are the perfect addition to any man’s winter wardrobe. They come in both leather and nylon and are lined with an extra layer of material that ensures warmth in the cold weather. A bomber jacket is totally versatile and can be worn just about anywhere. Since this coat never seems to go out of style, it is also a cost-effective item that can be worn for winters to come.

Men’s Faux Fur Coats


John-Galliano, Fall-winter, 2012-2013

For the man that is definitely looking to turn a few heads, the faux fur coat is a great choice. The most popular choice among men this season is the faux Sable coat, as its beautiful colour and sleek feel definitely gives off a look of style and sophistication. Faux fur coats are also available in trench coat style, which is the perfect look for any man who is looking to show off their originality this winter.