The Best of Haspel’s SS 16 Collection

The Best of Haspel’s SS 16 Collection

Haspel announced very recently the release of its SS 16 Collection, and today I’m going to announce my top individual picks in each category of clothing.



For the up and coming warm days, shorts are always a must. I picked Hasbro’s ‘Short Walk’ shorts in Midnight Blue because there are very few outfits these shorts will work with. These could easily be your go-to shorts for the whole winter. Let’s be honest, these will never go out of fashion either so who knows? Maybe you’ll be wearing them next summer too!


Rampart---Hot-Bikini-Girl Hasbro SS16

As I perused the shirts section, a few shirts popped out to me but none more than this one. This shirt is called Rampart with a Bikini Girl pattern and I love it because it’s not busy. Something I personally avoid is a loud piece and this suits me just fine having small details. The off white, again, will never go out of style and would actually go perfectly with the shorts I mentioned first.

Suit Separates


In this section I selected two pieces that would make up a suit on a late spring/early summer’s day. The jacket and trousers are matching pieces with a light blue and white lined pattern running top to bottom. Made from Italian Cotton, these pieces are light in both color and weight resulting in a look that I can imaging working perfectly with a Vintage Italian Hat.



For a classic tie style, the Grey Glen Plaid Tie stood out to me as being one that both stands out and keeps to itself. The fine lines of the pattern and the soft quality feel of cotton makes this tie my favourite among all their ties.



Hasbro’s new Krewe Tuxedo will wow any group of people you find yourself surrounded by in your bust formal events schedule in 2016. With the detailing down the outside of each leg matching the lower collar of the jacket, you may as well call yourself Bond, James Bond from here on out!



I’m a big fan of watches and to be frank, I was surprised to find a watch I would genuinely wear by Hasbro. The Brooklyn Watch Collaboration with Hasbro made the top of the list with a beautiful brown strap and blue accents in the face itself, this watch would go with everything I have mentioned here today apart form the Tuxedo.

The idea for the look book was to reinterpret Joseph Haspel’s famous “ocean stroll” into a full-day-narrative that focuses on the Haspel lifestyle. In it, you’ll find Haspel’s signature summer suiting in addition to leaf print shirts, bold stripes and reimagined uses for seersucker as in the navy bomber.

The latest collection by Hasbro has taken many people aback due to it’s forward thinking style and presence. I’d advice that you take a look at Hasbro’s SS16 Collection on your journey around the online shops for Spring and Summer this year. You might just find something you love! The collection sells at and

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