6 Fashion Must-Haves 2016 Every Gentleman Needs


Fashion must-haves 2016 bring a refreshingly new air when it comes to men’s wardrobes. Be prepared to renounce the old and make room for the new. Menswear took a dramatic turn for the better starting with the spring/summer 2016 season. We’ll get to that in an instant. Accessories are also making a huge comeback on the runway and in mainstream fashion. Among the most prominent fashion must-haves 2016, you’ll find leather bags. An excellent fashion guide to leather bags will guide you through the list of this season’s top accessories. Scarves, espadrilles, baseball caps, and bandana neckerchiefs make good companions to the fresh menswear iterations.

1. Urban Safari

Menswear and utility are almost synonymous. The fashion must-haves 2016 reinforce this idea, yet in a brand new light. Military-inspired clothing made way for a refreshed light look during the spring/summer 2016 season. Designers turned their gaze to safaris and early aviation clothing for a colour twist and a lovely soft- masculine look.


  • Skinny Shirt
  • Skinny Military Shirt
  • Military Shirt
  • Skinny Chinos
  • G-Star Cargo Trousers
  • Cargo Trousers
  • Selected Homme Leather Belt
  • Jersey Blazer
  • Hugo Boss Boots

From earth-colored open-necked shirts and the lightweight scarves to the sandy hues witnessed on the Belstaff catwalk, safari menswear is all in. This trend is certain to transgress into mainstream fashion. Be sure to create your own safari look as these fashion must-haves 2016 are here to stay. Choose between tanksuits, gilets with more than one pocket, bush shirts, field-like jackets in earth coloring, sandy shades or camel colors. There’s hardly any room for debate: these clothing items are worth the investment. They also pair phenomenally with genuine leather bags in similar colors.

2. 50 Shades of Green

50 shades of green may be too much to handle. Nonetheless, green hues featured heavily on some designers’ runways. The spring/summer 2016 collections paraded by Calvin Klein, Brioni, Canali or Burberry sported all green menswear items you can think of. Green surfaces as a key color with the fashion must-haves 2016. Army green doesn’t only feature on military apparel anymore. Military apparel also loses its harsh edge to softer reiterations. Light khaki, dark olive, jade and bottle green are the stars of the green spectrum. Pair an olive green bomber with bottle green pants for a full-blown green look befitting a stylish modern man.


  • Super Skinny Suit
  • Super Oversized Sleeveless T-Shirt With Dropped Armhole And Raw Edge
  • Smart Poplin Shirt In Slim Fit
  • Slim Chino Shorts
  • Showerproof Jacket
  • Shirt with 2 Pockets
  • Reebok Furylite NP Trainers
  • Polo Ralph Lauren T-Shirt
  • Oxford Shirt In Slim Fit
  • Hoodie
  • Cargo Shorts Rovic Loose Fit with Belt
  • Backpack


3. Wide-legged Pants

Of all fashion must-haves 2016, wide pants are certainly a new entry that makes sense. At the beginning of the article, we were talking about a reinterpretation of utility. Wide-legged pants are an excellent point of support for this idea. Utility isn’t synonymous with constricting tailoring patterns anymore. Wide-legged pants are the relaxed culmination of menswear throughout this year. Office wear may well include a pair of these as seen in the Casely-Hayford collection. Dare and match wide-legged pants with a blazer, a short-sleeved shirt or an open-neck shirt.


  • Religion Frequency Wide Leg Chinos
  • ASOS Wide Leg Trousers
  • ADPT Pleated Wide Leg Chinos


4. Cuba-inspired Shirts

The Cuban collar shirt is another new entry for the fashion must-haves 2016 and designers’ new challenge. If you’re willing to take up this challenge, the Cuban collar shirt brings back a tad of the 1950s charm in a modern take. Open and revealing, the Cuban collar shirt may be difficult to match in an office outfit. Street style is a different story. This item varied from all-black versions with daring prints in the Dries Van Noten collection to plain colors in other collections. Cuban collar shirts put the fun in low-key outfits.

  • Revere Collar Tropical Shirt
  • Reclaimed Vintage Festival Shirt
  • Reclaimed Vintage Festival Shirt
  • Printed Shirt In Viscose With Short Sleeves
  • Jack Jones Premium Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Adidas Original X Pharrell Doodle Short Sleeved Shirt


5. The Male Jumpsuit

Male jumpsuits are hot items in the fashion must-haves 2016 tops. A daring take on the classic jumpsuits reminiscent of heavy-duty workers, the male jumpsuit is a clever way to cut time spent mapping out the day’s outfit. From simple, one color jumpsuits to the military jumpsuits proposed by Balmain, this item is for the daring only. It may look harsh at times, but paired with the right men’s accessories, the male jumpsuit is guaranteed to turn a few heads.


  • Drop Crotch Jersey Jumpsuit
  • Skinny Jersey Jumpsuit
  • Jumpsuit With Zip-Front


6. Baseball caps

Once more, we mapped out the fashion must-haves 2016 when it comes to men’s accessories. The conventional baseball caps are in for spring/summer 2016 in brave new combinations labeled cool and laidback. There are references to different styles through time. The nineties were well featured in the Calvin Klein Collection with dark hues baseball caps. Versace and Balmain also featured the men’s accessories on the runway collections in preppy or casual looks. These are just a few picks from the fashion must-haves 2016. Nonetheless, they’re uniquely fit to challenge you to revamp your wardrobe. Spring/summer 2016 menswear is finally refreshed. Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit properly with a leather bag, a scarf or any other item that fits your fancy.


  • Snapback Cap With Snake Print Peak
  • Snapback Cap With Floral Print
  • Snapback Cap With Embroidered Logo
  • Snapback Cap In Grey Melton
  • Snapback Cap Ballpark Chicago
  • Snapback Cap Triple Triangle
  • Cap Sanded Twill Script Volley
  • Cap in Straw
  • Black And Khaki

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