When it comes to dating, many individuals are often overwhelmed by the task of meeting new people and putting themselves out there – and this is totally fair! It can be nerve-wracking to introduce yourself to new people, go on dates a few times a week, and work toward meeting your perfect partner.

However, if you know that you want a girlfriend, you must make an effort to get out and about in your city and start meeting people. Our article gives you tips on the best places to meet a new partner and start leading a fulfilling dating life.

Can You Approach a Woman in Public?

In today’s world, approaching a woman in public can often be a controversial topic. The key to initiating any kind of conversation with someone in public that you’d like to get to know better is respect. Never approach a woman in an entitled or demanding way, and always pay attention to body language.

If a woman is uninterested in your approach, and especially if she tells you so, don’t stick around to see if she changes her mind. Simply end the conversation and leave – maybe you’ll have better luck somewhere else.

It can be very anxiety-inducing to think of approaching people in public and trying to start a conversation, but sometimes you have to take the risk. Being respectful makes the experience more pleasant for everyone involved. Plus, it increases your chance of finding a woman who is receptive to your conversation and also interested in getting to know you better.

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The Best Places to Meet a Potential Partner

There are several popular places where you may meet a potential partner that you can incorporate visiting into your daily routines. As always, be respectful and confident when you approach someone in public that you would like to get to know.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops and cafes are always popular places to meet new people, have a casual conversation over a drink, and discover potential partners.

If there is a local coffee shop in your neighbourhood, consider reading there in the afternoons or making a habit of visiting. You never know who you might come across during the day, and you may strike up a conversation with someone who turns out to be an ideal partner.

In today’s world, meeting someone in a totally public place can leave you with questions about who they are. For your peace of mind, you can use an email lookup tool, like Information’s, to ensure they’re not actually married, or that they don’t have a criminal record. Just be sure not to use such a tool for stalking or other harassing behaviour.

Hobby Groups

Hobby groups, meetup groups, and sports teams are all great places to make new friends, meet new people, and find a potential partner. This method is especially helpful for ensuring you and your partner have the same interests. By asking out someone from one of these groups, you ensure that you already have something to talk about on your first date.


Parks are another popular spot to meet a girlfriend, especially if you have a dog or you are interested in meeting a partner who has a pet. Starting a casual conversation in a dog park or sitting down next to someone on a park bench and starting a conversation are both great ways to introduce yourself to someone.

Public Events

Public events in your city such as speed-dating, happy hour events, and other singles meetup events make for an easy way to surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

These public events typically have a registration period and a cover fee. Once you sign-up, you can attend the event and start meeting new people who are also single and interested in finding a partner.

Online Dating

Online dating is a popular way to find a potential partner these days. Utilizing an online dating app like Hinge, Bumble, or Tinder is an easy way to support your efforts of meeting someone in person.

It’s important to remember that when you create a profile on one of these apps you should take time to make it stand out. Along with talking about yourself, clearly state your intentions, and be proactive about actually asking any matches out on a date. After all, dating is a numbers game, and you typically won’t find a girlfriend by being shy.

Tips for Finding a Girlfriend

Finding a girlfriend can be difficult, and you may often feel like giving up during this process. However, you shouldn’t let dating get you down – try and enjoy the experience and the new people that you meet, even if they don’t work out to be the ideal partner for you.

It helps to know what you are looking for in a partner, test compatibility by asking important questions on first dates, and take care of your own mental and physical health. Over time, these tips combined with an effort as you develop the skill of dating will lead you to a perfect partner and allow your relationship to bloom.