Amazing fact Holmes, gents love jeans. They can be a quick and easy fix for business or pleasure, for week or weekend wear. for PowerPoint or pub. Such democratization of the humble jean may make you think that worrying about footwear is unnecessary; you couldn’t be more wrong. If you avoid the obvious choice of the universally acceptable darker toned brogue what else is available?

Well, a good second fiddle to your bow is the Chelsea boot, which looks good with the proviso the jean, is darker and slim fit .Aim for the classic Levi if in doubt. Distressed rap style, lower waist fans need to pair their look with quality trainers or sneakers and baggy designer T-shirts and loose fitting shirts.

The Chino

The Chino as we have previously discussed is a worldwide phenomenon almost as well known as the humble denim. Suitable from New York to Newbury it’s easy to play the slots with foot fashion pairing classic chinos with a range of footwear from deck shoes to loafers depending on the weather. Darker chinos can look swell with the hiking boot and brogue as long as they are manufactured in a classic leather body and sole. Polish them to perfection although slightly scuffed is acceptable if flashing a little bit of quality woolen socks for that off paste mountain climber look.


Slim fit joggers can often be the sometimes cheaper alternative with the sport lure look being a way of dressing down to highlight smart, expensive statement trainers or sneakers .For a more contemporary look then risk the addition of chukka boots but never fall into the conventional dress shoe look or you’ll lose the credibility factor as you duck and dive around your crib.


Always good if you sport a sickeningly good tanned pair of legs but even better with classic trainers that will help you look like a tennis champion. Other contenders to the field are espadrilles, pool shoes and the classic deck shoe but let your feet go commando leaving the socks in the linen basket.


Thankfully suits are not tied to formal wear any more and can be worn on a variety of occasions other than funerals or work interviews .The unstructured suit looks great with both shirts and Tees and can be dressed up or down with the right shoe .For the casual look thing Youthful time lord white minimalist training shoe, but don’t have the trousers showering the aforementioned with a handful of hem, its supposed to be fun but not circus clown like. For the darker, more formal wear a classic suit always, always looks good with quality leather brogues in black or dark brown depending on the suit – nuff said!

The Tuxedo

Black tie and smartly attired in designer wear won’t cut it with open toed sandles! If you own privileged velvet’s and embroidery you can confidently slip into a pair of patent leather or bowed slippers as shown by Dolce & Gabbana but for keeping with the traditional black tie and penguin suit nothing says class like lace up patent leathers on a grand night out. Don’t forget to tip.