Mens Safety Footwear 2019 – Top-Rated Work Boots For Construction

Mens Safety Footwear 2019 – Top-Rated Work Boots For Construction

The construction industry isn’t without risk. In fact, it’s one of the riskiest sectors that you’ll ever be in. Because of the inherent dangers that are present in the construction industry, one cannot discount the fact that safety gear should be a priority. One of these safety gears is work boots.

Over the years, a man’s work boots have also evolved to be more fashionable and to be more up-to-date with its style. If you ask a man, it’s also one of those essentials that every man, particularly those working in hazardous situations, ought to have.

But, one thing has remained a constant: its essential function. The construction work boots of today don’t only look pleasing on the eyes, but they’re also functional, safe, and very durable.

That said, here’s a list of the top-rated construction work boots for 2019:

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Ever Boots

Ever Boots aim to be just as its name suggests: to be an everlasting pair of work boots for the wearer. This means that your pair of Ever Boots can last you through seasons, and years to come.

Established in 2012, the company had in mind the creation of a versatile working boot. Not only can you wear it at a long hard day’s work on-site, but also stylish enough to be carried over to a casual night out. Ever Boots continuously strives to meet the standards of quality, comfort, and affordability.

In comparison with other work boots of its kind, this brand also is one of the cheapest that you can choose. However, despite its price point, it also stands true to its promise, which is to abide by quality construction safety standards.

A pair of Ever Boots guarantees to provide you with the following:

  • Toe and feet protection
  • Maximum comfort
  • Happy feet

To start your search process for the pair that you feel goes the best for you, visit the homepage of Ever Boots.

Irish Setter

Irish Setter work boot is a favorite not just among construction workers, but even with loggers. The best feature of this pair of boots has to do with the outsole protection, from even the highest of all temperatures. Hence, when you’re working on sites that are exposed to the extreme heat of the sun, the outer sole, which can withstand 475 degrees Fahrenheit, is a very high standard of care for your feet.

Construction workers love the Irish Setter Workboot because it can withstand extremely high wear and tear. In some boots, because the boot has already been worn too much, it now tends to hurt the feet of the wearer. With the ergonomic design of the Irish Setter, your feet are given the maximum level of comfort that it needs.

Wolverine Raider Boot

The Wolverine Raider Boot is one of the highest-rated boots in Amazon, in terms of safety. When you get a hold of a pair, you’re guaranteed top-notch safety and protection, for your feet. When you’re working in the construction industry, you’d know that your safety and protection should always be a top priority. You never know what hazards may come, especially with a vulnerable part of your body as your feet.

In terms of safety, the Wolverine Raider Boot has the following:

  • A thick rubber outsole that’s meant to withstand slippery surfaces
  • Mesh lining around the insole of the shoes, to maximize the breathability of your feet. Making your feet even more comfortable in your shoes
  • Compression pads on the sole, just like that of a memory foam, which is meant to provide comfort on your heel and toe

The Wolverine Raider Boot is also quite stylish and very durable. Because it’s made of genuine leather, you know that your shoes can withstand whatever temperature, go through season changes, and the most wear and tear, also.

Safety Boots for men 2019 (2)

Timberland PRO Pitboss

In the world of construction and hiking, you’d know that Timberland is a household name. It has been around for many years now and has stood the test of time, durability, style, and even the highest standards of safety.

The PRO Pitboss is one of the best steel toe boots from this brand. The only downside to this steel toe boot is that it takes time to break-in. But, this is also quite expected from steel toe boots.

With the snug fit and the removable sock liner, the shoe is still able to give you the maximum comfort needed for your feet, even during the break-in period. Plus, the great thing also is that it’s a classic. For those of you who want to look good while on the job, and even after, these boots will still make your look polished and stylish.


Working long hours in a construction site does have its effect on your feet. Apart from the dangers and hazards that are lurking around the corner, the surface of construction sites itself isn’t the most pleasant to walk in. Yes, you’re going to find stray nails here and there, and yes, the surface also is extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant. Hence, it’s still better to stay on the safe side. Go ahead and buy the construction boots that work for you. Protection Status

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