Black Tie – Dress Code for Formal Events

Black Tie – Dress Code for Formal Events

AMORE - Peter-Brathwaite and David Webb

A Black Tie Affair

They say that you can tell a man by his suit. Why do us women love men in suits. Simply because it represents the masculinity and power of a man we all so adore. So what is the dress code for a back tire event for 2013?

It’s one of the most formal events, the average person might attend. Generally, whether you are renting or buying it’s all about the tuxedos. I am finding that there is a more relaxedflare these days regarding how strict they are being. So what is being deemed as black tie has allowed men to be creative with their black tie. So I encourage you to bend the rules a lot more. If in doubt make sure you have back up in your pocket. Carry a cheeky traditional black bow tie to avoid not getting into the event.

AMORE - David Webb

David Webb

Make Your Black Tie Personal

Don’t panic the stores understand the rules on what you need for this event. The classic tuxedo complete with black cummerbund or vest, white shirt, and black bow tie is what you need to wear for a black tie affair. Peter is wearing a midnight blue alternative which is acceptable and very dashing.

AMORE - Peter Brathwaite

Peter Brathwaite

If you choose to add a touch of colour then go for a jewel-toned cummerbund or pocket square. Notice the boys are wearing white. But anything other than very subtle colours or patterns should be saved for a creative black tie affair.

Bow tie – David and Peter are wearing a rich deep burgundy velvet bow tie.

AMORE - Peter Brathwaite

Brace yourself. The great thing about braces is your can’t see them under your jacket. This is a lot of fun because as the night goes on and jackets are literally thrown off. It’s in your braces that you can share your personality in the ballroom. David has gone for the skull head trend and Peter is wearing a rich burgundy.

AMORE - Peter-Brathwaite and David Webb

Braces have so much personality

AMORE - David Webb Skull Head Braces

Shirts – you can bend the rules here as long as it’s white go for a shirt that has black buttons on it. As Tom Ford said at London Collection: Men this year. It’s all in the detail.

Buy or Rent

If you attend quite a few black tie events, then buy a tuxedo, you can tell the difference because it’s specifically fits you and it’s more cost-effective overall.

AMORE - David Webb


If you want to understand how to choose your tuxedo then you need to understand you. In this case Peter and David are two fun guys. They are in their twenties and are at a stage where traditional opera attire is no longer going to be worn. The array of suit selections this year is so dashing and creative. Peter and David are going to lead on how you can bend the rules with high end events,  but still look very smart. So brace yourselves as they will be performing at the Royal Albert Hall. And if you are wondering what they will be wearing? I can guarantee one thing. Just like Opera there is always a sudden death. So out with the old and in with the new. That traditional stage wardrobe you are so used to see them in. Is literally going to take a dramatic turn? This is music to my ears because David and Peter you are MenStyleFashion.

AMORE - Peter-Brathwaite for accessories

AMORE - David Webb Tuxedos

AMORE- Peter Brathwaite

AMORE- Peter Brathwaite and David Webb


Be playful in your suit at all times

AMORE - Peter-Brathwaite


AMORE- David Webb

Image Credits: Maria Scard

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