Admit it, when you hear of the word ‘manscaping’ you either feel uncomfortable or annoyed. For some men, there is no point in shaving or trimming their hair when it will grow out again not to mention in areas where no one will even see it. However, as you may have figured out, leaving your hair like that is not a good idea.

What is Manscaping?

Manscaping is the process of removing or trimming men’s body hair for hygienic purposes or for aesthetic reasons. Benefits of Manscaping. If you are adamant to get a trim, then here are a few benefits that might persuade you:

It’s Hygienic

The less hair you have, the fewer stuff bacteria can cling to. Contrary to popular belief, too much hair can attract bacteria and it can also be cause for skin irritations. Moreover, regular manscaping will help you remove the dead skin cells accumulating in areas that are hard to scrub because of hair.

It Will Make You Look Better

While some might argue that they look better with long hair, long beard, chest hair, and whatnot, a lot of people will also tell you otherwise. It’s one thing to have long hair in your body, but it’s a totally different story when you’re starting to look like an ape.

It Will Also Make You Feel Better

Did you know that well-trimmed men have more confidence? This is because when they know that they look good, self-esteem will naturally follow. Since they are waxed or shaved, they don’t have to worry about random hair appearing in the most awkward areas. This will help them move and socialize better.

Manscaping Tips For Every Man

Now that you’re convinced (and hopefully you are), it’s time to start the manscaping process. Here are five tips to get you started:

Know Your Preferred Method

 There are different ways to trim or remove body hair. The most common is shaving, but it is not advisable since it is prone to creating ingrown hair. You can also try trimming where you need to use an electric trimmer for best results.

However, although it is not as comfortable as the other methods, you can also try waxing. This is a great method if you plan on removing all your hair. There are wax strips you can buy or you can go to a salon for this. Don’t worry, a lot of men do this nowadays.

Know The Style And Length You Want

If you want to leave some hair on your chest, limbs, and private areas, you need to have an idea of the length of hair you want to keep. This will help you gauge the length of hair you will cut off with scissors or an electric trimmer. Also, take note that when hair is dry, they are longer because the strands are stretched out.

For the back, you might as well remove all the hair while for the chest, you don’t have to remove everything. If you plan on leaving a stubble or a thin beard, leave some chest hair on your body.


Do It In The Shower

This tip is more of a cleanliness guideline than anything else. It’s better to shave or trim in the shower because you can be sure that all the hair will be in one place. If you also notice, it’s easier to cut wet hair because the hair is more defined than when they are dry and they go out in all directions.

Stretch The Surrounding Skin

This tip is important if you are planning to wax your hair on your limbs. When you go to the salon, you will notice that the waxing professional will stretch your skin in the opposite direction to where they will be pulling. When the skin is stretched, the less it will be painful because the stretch will cancel out the pain of pulling out the hair.

Follow The Direction Of Your Hair Growth

Whether you’re using an electric trimmer or a wax strip, you should always remove hair towards the direction your hair grows. If it goes to the right, then you have to shave towards the right. This will lessen going against the hair follicle causing bad hair growth.

Manscaping may not be easy the first time you try it, but once you get used to it, it will be a lot easier. If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, you can go to a salon to have it done for you. Don’t worry, a lot of Australian men and women do it already.