Hair transplantation is increasingly stigmatized as a comfortable, safe, and long-lasting solution for alopecia. The boom in hair transplantation went hand in hand with innovation. For ten years, almost only hair transplantation has been performed with the FUE technique, which is based on removing and transplanting hair follicles (roots) one by one.

Although many techniques are managed according to this basic principle and have different names, it is the same as the FUE technique. The collection and transplantation of hair follicles are performed as separate grafts. In this context, Turkey has become the preferred destination for spending this procedure.

After 20 years of devoting itself to the field of hair transplantation, the Estepera clinic offers its patients many possibilities, including technical aspects and the type of surgery performed.

Patient Care – Before, During, and After

Estepera to hair transplant turkey have had or will have a specialist team squad for patients. Those who come to this clinic can have interviews with the doctors who treat them with remarkable comfort, accompanied by an interpreter who speaks their language. There are several possibilities to make your stay very enjoyable before the procedure.

The clinic uses certified materials selected according to the transplant surgery technique to be performed. Both clinical and staff, medical and instrumental equipment are subjected to sterilization processes and carefully monitored.

Estepera is the only person to hold conferences in patients’ home countries. Estepera tracks all people who have undergone hair transplantation on the internet.

What is FUE Hair Transplant Achieved with Sapphire Blades?

The increase in technological advancement that is taking place every day has paved the way for the progress of new innovative hair transplant techniques as well as hair loss treatments.

Hair transplantation, which has progressed and evolved dramatically over the years, evolving into a well established and minimally invasive cutting edge technology, has taken its final form in line with the more efficient use of new medical tools.

The FUE method, which is believed to be one of the most modern and widely used hairs transplant techniques, ensuring natural-looking results, has taken its success a step further by using special devices with blades in sapphire.


A Non Painful and Lightley Stressing Operation

The operation is accomplished under local anaesthesia and light sedation.

Thanks to the use of sedation administered under the direct supervision of a licensed anesthesiologist, you will no longer experience any pain when administering local anaesthesia before hair transplantation. As a result, you will have a more comfortable and painless hair transplant experience. Even though hair transplants are generally considered to be painless procedures, this new method will help patients with needle phobia feel comfortable, allowing them to relax during the procedure. The pain level that was currently at a minimum is now eliminated.

Estepera – A Trusted Partner Based in Istanbul

Estepera supports international clients in their hair transplant project in Turkey by providing them with the best possible experience, from decision making to final results. The Estepera team of advisers, in direct contact with the experts, offers a personalized remote diagnosis.

On-site, the medical team, operates using specific hair transplant techniques and high-tech materials. With experts with more than 20  years of hair transplant experience in Turkey, patients are sure to be in safe hands.

How do the Estepera Teams Work?

In addition to a modern clinic based in Istanbul and in order to offer quality treatments, have been able to constitute a selection of establishments.

Only the establishments visited, checked, and meeting very strict quality criteria are listed. The verification extends to practitioners whose teams ensure references, accreditations, and certifications.

Why Choose a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is now one of the main destinations for people wishing to benefit from quality hair surgery. The treatments offered are tailor-made and meet the requirements of patients from all over the world. For an easy organization of your trip, it is preferable to take an all-inclusive formula which includes the intervention, accommodation in a luxury hotel with breakfast included, and on-site logistics, namely transport, catering, visits to tourist places, and so on. This is a good solution as you don’t risk forgetting any detail.

Estepera Hair Clinic

What is the price?

Turkey has become a mecca for micro-grafting for professional and economic reasons. The cost is much lower than the rest of European countries (70% if we compare it with Europe), and the clinics offer very profitable tourist experiences. Prices at the Estepera clinical centre vary depending on the number of grafts performed. The basic package includes hair transplants, medical exams, products and medicines for postoperative care, luxury hotel, VIP transfer around the city, and an interpreter in the native language.