The bomber jacket or bombardier jacket, as its traditionally known, was a garment originally created for pilots. Through pop culture and subsequent iconography, these have been part of many apparel brands for years. Whether this be as part of the skin head uniform, of cropped drainpipes and Dr Martens, it has seen vast growth and diversity over the years, morphing into the ever so sophisticated offerings around today. The intended purpose of the bomber, was to ensure pilots retained heat, while commandeering flights, which was a welcomed move on from the heavy duty leather, original concept.

As with most garments, they endure a complete overhaul in not only design, but aesthetics, which moves us onto the 90’s and the extrovert printed bombers around. Think Timmy Mallet and you may just conjure up the same image as myself. The main objective of the early 90’s bomber, was to be as brash and as loud as possible, unless you were an avid fan of top gun, then I guess you had delusions of grandeur, wishing to be Tom Cruise.

The Evolution Of The Bomber Jacket

The bomber in recent years, has seen clever variations, with nods back to the cut of the classic jacket, but with modern twists, in the use of clever fabrications.  The leather version is a massive hit along certain demographic audiences, such as skaters and bikers as the laid-back yet industrial fabrications, offers a sense of carefree styling. It’s quiet easily one of the easiest jackets to wear, regardless of shape, height or personal style. There are many available, to sit perfectly within any man’s capsule wardrobe and the clever use of small details, along with relaxed silhouette, make it a ‘go to’ choice for casual wear. Topman have a range so cleverly designed, that there is in essence, a bomber for all occasions and personal tastes:


Black  Artwork Print Bomber

This neoprene jacket features exquisite printed detail on the sleeves, to add a unique selling point to the garment. At only £35 it’s extremely inexpensive, for such a diverse piece, to add to any capsule wardrobe. This can be styled with an oversize tee, shorts layered over a pair of meggings and my personal favourite: Dr Martens

Tweet from TOPMAN



Khaki Bomber Jacket

The classic bomber jacket has endured a complete rework, in the form of this lightweight khaki cotton piece. Contrast navy detailing and a satin-like inner shell, herald back to the skin head generation, but stays of the moment, with the clever key detailing. The soft hue of khaki, ensure this can be paired, with almost any other colour. I would opt for a punchier colour block, such as oxblood or mauve, to lift the colour of the bomber, while still keeping a cohesive look.


Lace Black Bomber

As the site states London Athletics Club pride themselves on mashing up styles, to produce truly interchangeable pieces. Floral is often a tricky trend to master, but the clever use of the printed jacket side motifs, allows enough to make a statement and yet plays down anything too overly fussy. The jacket style has a great sporting influence, in its fabrications and general colour palette, which lends itself to being styled with a simple pair of black drainpipes and topping off, with a pair of trainers.



When I saw this jacket my heart skipped a beat, it has a punchy print, classic monochrome palette and creates ultimate visual impact. SYSVTM as a whole draw inspiration from urban styling and various diverse fashion tribes, allowing them to create unique pieces, that offer a great easy to wear outerwear option.The print draws enough attention so the rest of the outfit, should be kept fairly minimal, with splashes of contrasting colours. Working in a pair of drop crotched harems, in a cotton twill and red patent clutch, will provide an ultra-sleek outfit for an evening out.