Winter Blues – What is Hot for Men’s Summer Fashion

Winter Blues – What is Hot for Men’s Summer Fashion

Winter Blues – Think summer

Is anyone else fed up with winter or is it just me? Looking out the window as I type this, the rain is falling on overcast cloud-covered streets, the barren trees are swaying in a stiff breeze and the people I see scurrying past are tucked deep within the confines of hoods and gargantuan coats; I imagine the last thing on anyone’s mind at this winter juncture is: what items does one require for summers wardrobe.

I, on the other hand, I’m thinking to the con­trary. In fact, the only thing revolving around my sartorially obsessed mind at present is what to wear come the onset of the summer months. The winter wardrobe is done­­. If you don’t have chunky knits, a good winter coat, scarf and hat by now, you may as well forget it and turn your attention towards shorter sleeves, lighter trousers and brighter colour palettes.

It may seem ludicrous what with the current elements swirling about the skies but trust me, get thinking about what it is you want in your summer attire because the sooner you create a clear image in your head, the sooner you can hit the shops who are already starting to see a trickle of spring/summer hitting their stores.

For those of you struggling to grapple with the idea of summer attire while the mercury level hovers around freezing – for us Brits at least – here’s a few ideas to get the imagination working.

Think Print

Every season the fashion ‘ex­perts’ predict the demise of print and every season it stares them straight in the face as it marches down yet another catwalk. I for one am I huge advocate of print; not so much when it comes to trousers, I’m not daring enough for that, but t-shirts, shirts and even shoes really do come into their own when the sun is shining and there is a fine array of print on display.

Valentino camo mansbag 2013


Much like the sunshine, the roll-up really comes into its own during the balmy summer months. No, I do not mean the cigarette hanging from the artisan’s lips but the rolling up of both t-shirts (think James Dean, River Phoenix in Stand By Me)and the high roll-up of jeans and trousers giving your ankles a much-needed dose of vitamin D. Be wary though, the roll-up is a delicate balancing act, too high and you look like you’ve shrunk your clothes in the dreaded tumble-dryer, too low and you look like you simply cannot be bothered to think and are merely doing it because everyone else is.

Men's Roll Ups Jeans and trousers


While I love a bit of print, you will need a good dose of block colouring to offset the array of shapes caused by block colours more exuberant cousin. If you are struggling with block colour, just take a peek at the window displays in any American Apparel store the length and breadth of the country and you will soon be inspired to not only make block colours a permanent fixture in your wardrobe but also add some much need colour/vitality to the darker colours that have been part of your winter staple.

Jay Strut - Prints for men 2013

Phillip Lim’s men’s collections

American Apparel - Block prints for men


On a personal level, this is where the summer wardrobe becomes a tricky obstacle course of fashion and functionality. On the function side of the spectrum, shorts are a must in warmer climes, helping to keep us cool as we go about our daily business. However, and this is always my dilemma, on the fashion front I always feel shorts should be solely reserved for sportsman and lying about by the pool or on the beach. Men always make such a debacle of wearing shorts: too long, too short, too many obscene floral monstrosities trying to masquerade as fashion. Keep your shorts simple, stripes or block colours are perfect and they should always sit about two inches above the knee (unless you’re a surfer or a child).

EMPORIO ARMANI SS 2013 shorts for men

EMPORIO ARMANI SS 2013 shorts for men

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