Bone Thomahawk – Interview Craig Zahler

Bone Thomahawk – Interview Craig Zahler

I am in beautiful Sitges, a coastal town 30 kilometers south of Barcelona for the Sitges Film Festival 2015. It is my first time I am covering a film festival so I am a bit new to the industry. It is a fascinating world and I love interviewing film makers. Today I am interviewing Craig Zahler.

I am a huge fan of Western movies and can’t believe how little there are on the silver screen. Bone Thonahawk is directed by first-time filmmaker S. Craig Zahler and starring , and Richard Jenkins, among others, Bone Tomahawk is released in theaters and VOD on Oct. 23.

Craig Zahler – The Award For Best Film Director

What is more amazing is Craig just won best film director at Sitges Film Festival.

In this interview Craig talks about how difficult it is to convince investors to buy into Western movies. So where did the money come from to get this movie out there? Was it Europe or the USA?

What was Craig’s biggest challenge in creating this movie? Thank you for Craig taking the time for allowing me to  interview you.

For those out there go and watch this thriller.


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