Most partners love it when you send them a floral gift. It makes them feel special and loved, especially if you take the time to really think about putting together a special bouquet for them. Whether you decide to send them a floral gift to mark a special occasion, just as a surprise or to make an apology, bouquets are always gratefully received. Sending a bouquet can really improve relationships.

Choosing the colours and types of flowers that they will truly love can be no mean feat. It may feel like an impossible task without knowing what their favourites are. Here are some tips and tricks on picking the perfect bouquet for your special someone to show them how much they mean to you.

What are they wearing?

You might not know what your intended recipient’s favourites are when it comes to floral bouquets because you might just not have ever discussed it. You can, however, by paying close attention to the person, make an educated guess at what their favourite flowers might be. The first step will be to take a look at the types of clothes they wear. Do they choose bright colours or are they more muted? Those opting for brights might appreciate a bright bouquet with many different colours in. Those who dress in a more muted fashion might prefer a bouquet that is more simple in colour and design.

When was your loved one born?

Each flower carries special traits and meanings (Floriography) which are associated with every month of the year. For example the perfect flower for people born in January is Carnation, May is Lily of the Valley and December is Poinsettia. Below you can see each birth month flower and meaning:

What You Should Know Before Choosing

January: Carnation – Love / Distinction | February – Violet/Iris – Faithfulness / Hope
March: Daffodil – Spring / Rebirth  | April: Daisy – Youth / Purity
May: Lily of the valley – Appreciation | June: Rose – Humility / Sweetness
July: Larkspur – Levity / Lightness | August: Gladiolus – Moral integrity / Honor
September: Aster/Myosotis – Patience / Daintiness | October: Marigold – Warm / Fierce
November: Chrysanthemum – Compassion / Friendship | December: Poinsettia – Success

What is their living space like?

Exploring how they choose to decorate their living space may help make a good guess at what their favourite flowers might be. Have a look around. Do they opt for modern styles, in which case they might prefer a simple, modern-looking bouquet? If they introduce a lot of colour into their interior design it might be that they would prefer a colourful, eclectic bouquet. A more traditional style may suggest they might well appreciate a more traditional bouquet featuring classic blooms such as peonies or roses. If you are in any doubt, speak to your florist who can help you match a bouquet with their personality.

Special Occasions

Remember, if you are sending a bouquet for a special holiday, it might be more appropriate to opt for what is traditionally sent to mark that occasion. Red roses, for instance, should always be sent for Valentine’s Day as they symbolise romance. It is important when choosing bouquets for these special holidays that you organise them well in advance. If you do run out of time and leave it until the day you could opt for a letterbox or next day delivery service.