Bomber Jacket – Maverick Top Gun Style Tips

Bomber Jacket – Maverick Top Gun Style Tips

The bomber jacket or bombardier jacket, as its traditionally known, was a garment originally created for pilots. Through pop culture and subsequent iconography, these have been part of many apparel brands for years. Whether this is as part of the skinhead uniform, of cropped drainpipes and Dr. Martens, it has seen vast growth and diversity over the years, morphing into the ever so sophisticated offerings around today.

The intended purpose of the bomber jacket was to ensure pilots retained heat while commandeering flights, which was a welcomed move on from the heavy-duty leather, original concept.

As with most garments, they endure a complete overhaul in not only design, but aesthetics, which moves us onto the 90’s and the extrovert printed bombers around. Think Timmy Mallet and you may just conjure up the same image as yourself The main objective of the early 90’s bomber, was to be as brash and as loud as possible, unless you were an avid fan of Top Gun, then I guess you had delusions of grandeur, wishing to be Tom Cruise.


The Evolution Of The Bomber Jacket

The bomber in recent years has seen clever variations, with nods back to the cut of the classic jacket, but with modern twists, in the use of clever fabrications.  The leather version is a massive hit along with certain demographic audiences, such as skaters and bikers as the laid-back yet industrial fabrications offer a sense of carefree styling.

It’s quite easily one of the easiest jackets to wear, regardless of shape, height or personal style. There are many available, to sit perfectly within any man’s capsule wardrobe and the clever use of small details, along with relaxed silhouette, make it a ‘go to’ choice for casual wear. 

Thanks to the return of Maverick’s played by Tom Cruise for 2020, the leather bomber jacket patchwork messages are certainly got the fashion designers thinking right now.

In 2020, what is the Bomber Jacket going to look like?

Trend Protection Patchwork Messages

I predict that the leather bomber jacket patchwork for 2020, will be replaced with political flag messages. Personalizing one’s own very message of what the individual is wanting to broadcast. The bomber jacket is very much the statement accessory that can pull off such a message. Who to start the trend than Tom Cruise himself in his latest trailer for Top Gun.

The change was first noted on social media, when journalist Mark MacKinnon tweeted the following observation: “Maverick is wearing the same leather jacket – only this time it’s Communist Party of China-approved, so the Japanese and Taiwanese flag patches are gone (screenshot on right is from the new trailer)…”

A mild cosmetic change like the one made to Maverick’s big patch was undoubtedly geared toward appeasing Chinese censors and smoothing Maverick‘s path to that lucrative market.

So what message are you going to be highlighting on your bomber jacket for 2020?

Black Leather, Vegan Or Pleather

The bomber jacket is such an easy jacket to pull off. It all comes down to the choice of your fabric and your patchwork message.  Inspired by Maverick himself the black leather, vegan or pleather bomber jacket will trend. The image is about being tough, cool and feeling confident. It is a versatile jacket that will go with anything and everything.

Why Buy A Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket unzipped creates an attractive and often slimming vertical line down the front of the body. When it comes to the scrunching the sleeves this is all about extra structure, showcasing forearm skin, which adds a tailored effect to your outfit.

Most bomber jackets are being styled with jeans, shorts, casual pants and dressier trousers. These are natural pairings that work well. It’s not too heavy in looks and gives a nice image to a man’s figure. A bomber jacket is great for traveling especially when browsing at any airport and getting those Instagram shots one needs.

Fitted bomber jackets are not for all but if  Maverick is your role model then this jacket deserves all the body definition a man wants’ to show off. 

When day turns into the night then you can certainly rock any place wearing a bomber jacket it has a nice smart and funky appeal to it. If speed rush is what you thrive on then the only question left to ask yourself?

Do you feel the need,  the need for a new Bomber Jacket? Protection Status

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