Boxerfy – Underwear on Autopilot

Boxerfy – Underwear on Autopilot

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Underwear on Autopilot.

To toast the launch of their new online destination for men’s underwear, Boxerfy is collaborating with MenStyleFashion to bring you your first month subscription free! These umlaut happy style Swedes are dedicated to putting you in underwear that fits like a second skin.

The life cycle of the modern man’s shorts has a definitive new rhythm – faster, more detailed and zeroed in on exactly what works. The same designers that do your favorite clothes are in the mix.  Think about it – when you’re seen in your boxers is it ever a moment you don’t want to look your best?  The Boxerfy Panel includes Stockholm’s top stylists and Sweden’s next top models – think about that, ask her what looks good. Every month you get a tightly curated mix of new and emerging brands like Kim Denzler, Björn Borg and Resteröds, as well as premium brands like Calvin Klein. It’s intense brand selection, meets underwear bromance – with a side order of insight from the ladies.

First Month Free

To get your first month free, head here – Boxerfy – and use promo code MENSTYLE at checkout. Boxerfy, underwear on autopilot.


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