Donovan Gentleman Undergarments – For The Perfect Packaging

Donovan Gentleman Undergarments – For The Perfect Packaging

Donovan Underwear

Underwear is a very personal choice by men. For the most part men are always complaining about how uncomfortable it is on their balls, especially on long haul flights or long trips in the car. It’s all in the packaging they say. On the surface it seems like a simple subject, but once you start delving into this important part of men’s fashion you realise there are all sorts of relevant discussions to be had.

What does your underwear state about you? When I was given the gift pack from Donovan Gentleman Undergarment,  I was instantly impressed regarding the packaging. It was firm well executed and nipped and tucked in the right places. The selection was enticing and the range was very colorful indeed. The price of the packaging which included 4 pairs of underwear was very affordable, in fact I would certainly go back for more. The make ideal gifts for your loved ones or male friends. Once I was in a confident position to get a closer look I was intrigued what was inside this new packaging.

I think the uniqueness of the design is a big factor for me, and something that is created in a small run with limited distribution is more interesting, because I know that I own something a little less common. With all the cool designs, eye-catching packaging and associated marketing glitz, knowing where your underwear is manufactured may be mostly an afterthought to your purchasing decision. This is what is so powerful about Donovan Gentleman Undergarment, it has an ever-increasing influence in the quality and conditions of how its garments are manufactured.

First Impressions Counts

As you all know first impressions count when it comes to you and your packaging. Hidden at close range were four enticing underwear for me to look and feel, I’m a huge fan of surprises. Instantly a gift pack came to mind for all different seasons. Each underwear is exclusively made, not mass produced at all.  You can choose your own colours as each seasons passes. The quality of the underwear looked great and felt soft. So much so I decided to try them on myself. Well it is in the mystics of life that enlightens ones passion right. Fortunately there were three left for my male counterpart to try.

In his own words he loved the feel and the firm grip of the underwear. They wash really well and don’t lose shape. Thank goodness nothing lasts for ever as we are excited to see what will be waiting for us in the next package. As a result of those personal preferences when shopping for specialty underwear, I’m not particularly brand loyal (although I definitely have my favorites) with underwear. I realize for many people the status symbol of designer-label underwear has a larger weight in why they may purchase a pair of underwear, and I admit I like wearing brands.

However for me what are you waiting for. Experience the Donovan packaging for yourself,  trust me his packaging  on’t  leave you disappointed.

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