Snowboard Style and Outfits

Snowboarders have a unique style that is all their own. MSF Will be covering a worldcup snowboarding event in January 2014. We will be looking to them for the interesting and individual way that they put looks together, that are both stylish and practical, allowing them to excel in their sport. If you are new to the world of snowboarding, here is a short introduction to some essential items that you will need.

Snowboard Style and Outfits

There is a range of boards, which are designed for different styles of riding, dependant on how skilled you are. A freeride board is great for beginners as it is easy to control, perform well in most conditions and should be able to do everything that you need it to. They are the most popular type of snowboard, because they work well on slopes, in the snow, parks and on halfpipes. They are normally fairly soft and flexible but still hard enough to hold a fast turn on hard snow.

Snowboard Style and Outfits

Another choice is the freestyle board – shorter, lighter, wider and easier to move. They normally have a centered stance which gives good balance and the ability to chance your ride stance.

Snowboard Boots and Bindings

Snowboard Style and Outfits Bindings

Snowboarders tend to favour soft boots, as they offer movement and flexibility which is exactly what you need for advanced freestyle moves. Boots should be lightweight and comfortable with an easy boot closure and lace lock system.

Snowboard Style and Outfits

Bindings are the interface between boot and board. They typically have 2 ratchet operated straps which should firmly attach your boots to your board. They should also be fully adjustable. The lighter the bindings, the more adjustment options you will have.

Gloves, Goggles and Helmets

Snowboard Style and Outfits Helmets

These accessories are essential for being outdoors in such cold temperatures. Gloves will provide you with warmth and shield your hands from injury. Snowboard mitts reduce the risks of broken fingers.

Snowboard Style and Outfits Gloves

A good pair of goggles will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and a good helmet provides essential head protection and keeps your head warm.


Snowboard Style and Outfits Jackets

Clothing for snowboarders includes technical jackets and trousers, to beanies. They are everything you need to keep warm and there is a huge selection of brands to choose from that offer great style, quality and comfort.