Boy George – Are We Ready To Re-Live The 80’s?

Boy George – Are We Ready To Re-Live The 80’s?

Boy George on Tour - revive the 80's fashion

Boy George

As far as trend moves, absolutely no decade is quite as well known as the 1980s. After all, in what alternative decades could you get away with putting on skin-tight pants one day and loose “MC Hammer” slacks the next?

During what other time period could you wear leg thermal wear, a cosy sweater and a miniskirt just about all at the same time (and in electric fluorescent colours)?

Did you know that it ended up being Boy George’s androgynous style of dressing up that captured the attention regarding popular music world.

Then in time Culture Club was created. He has sold over 50 million albums and has had top 10 hits in every country.  Singer, actor, DJ, artist, photographer, fashion designer, he has constantly reinvented himself and remains today one of the world’s most recognisable iconic figures.

On Tour

I am confident that traits of the 80’s will slowly creep back in? If you think I am wrong have a look at Italian label called Emilio Cavallini. The Fashion house leader, Francesco Cavallini, commented. More and more MEN are interested in taking a products from them. We realised that a lot of medium or large size stocking are purchased by men.

Also embracing the 80’s neon colours, was the catwalks of Milan and Paris. These bright fabrics from  parrot greens, oranges and highlighter yellow, takes us back to the Culture Club feeling and image. If you want too add a 80’s flare to your wardrobe then the tailored suits shown on the catwalk in bright fluor pink colour, certainly will be the way to go.

More exciting Boy George is currently touring, so the 80’s trend could be coming back sooner than we think? Take a walk down memory lane. Here are the top 80s fashion fads we used to love or cringe about Boy George?

Boy George hats


izandrew Spring summer 2012 - mens fashion trends

Top labels using 80’s neon colours for this spring/summer 2012

Boy George long hair


Emilio Cavallini men stockings - mens fashion trends

Emilio Cavallini men stockings, mens fashion trends for 2012

Boy George floral shirts


Boy George - geeky glasses


Boy George with Freddie Mercury


grace jones and boy george


Boy George with Annie Lennox


Boy George, red hat

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