One Direction – Boy Band Fashion Trend Setters, To Follow

One Direction – Boy Band Fashion Trend Setters, To Follow
One Direction 2012 - Red Carpet Suits

One Direction

One Direction is a British-Irish boy band made of members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. One Direction, released its first album in 2011 called, Up all night. It hit the number one spot. On a fashion front, these boys certainly are showing us the One Direction in fashion, they are the latest boy trend setters.

What is it about these guys wardrobe that is rocking the world right now? From a design point of view they have covered it all. Blazers, vests, chinos, braces, coloured suits, cardigans, trainers, checked shirts, bow ties, layering, and the grunge look. The way they are styled on and off stage is a fashion marketing tool for all the top labels right now.

Fashion Setters

It is fantastic to see  a boy band leading us when it comes to men’s fashion. For far too long men are just existing when it comes to style. They are not afraid of colour. They embrace the messy hairstyle look and male grooming. They love braces and it is flattering to see, on appropriate occasions they wear youthful funky suits. Even thought they have the money to splurge on any clothing label, you know as young boys you can head to Topman, Urban Outfitters or even H&M and get the same look.

Head in a similar direction,  create your own take on what looks good on you right now. Men’s fashion is getting a whole lot hotter this 2012.

[youtube id=”QJO3ROT-A4E” width=”100%” height=”400px”]

One Direction Boy Band 2012 suits

Fantastic use of colour combinations


One Direction Boy Band 2012 - Trainers, red suit, braces

Loving the braces and shirt variety


One Direction 2012 Casual Wear

How cool are their cardigans


One Direction 2012 - Brit Awards

The vest combinations rock this 2012


One Direction 2012 - Blazers

The nautic twist here combined with different blazer styles are very edgy this 2012


One Direction 2012 - Suit, Vests

The suits worn here are very appropriate to their age and image


One Direction 2012 - Cardigans

Their individual hair styles are inspiring for 2012


One Direction 2012 - Red Carpet Suits

Little too conservative for these guys, a different shirt colour would have made a huge difference.


One Direction 2012 - Leather Jackets

Brilliant example of individual layering effect for any guy to adopt this 2012

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