You’ve got a free day and a fully-fuelled motorbike purring between your thighs, what do you want to see through the visor of your helmet? A scenic landscape, a bunch of your biking mates or simply an empty strip of endless asphalt stretching out into the horizon?

Whether you want challenging ascents, hairpin curves, a canopy of trees or a flat, endless road to open the throttle on, Lids Direct have put together this list of the top 5 drives in Britain :

Horseshoe Pass – (A452)

If you’re a newbie or are getting the feel for a new motorbike, the Horseshoe Pass is ideal. Climbing to a peak of 1200ft, this nice run takes you between Llandegla and Llangollen and on the way you’ll enjoy short straights, smooth, visible bends and the infamous 180˚ horseshoe curve near the summit.

Drive carefully to avoid dozy sheep (and alert coppers) and enjoy the view of the best mountains and valleys that North Wales has to offer. You can also enjoy an excellent breakfast at the biker-friendly Ponderosa Café.


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