Captain Marvel Footwear Sneak Peak

Captain Marvel Footwear Sneak Peak

Want to save the universe in the hottest Marvel Footwear? The super hot Captain Marvel sneakers are one of the coolest Australia deals for Adidas sneakers you will find in this multiverse. Designed specifically for the highly anticipated action film are sweeping off the shelves.

Captain Marvel Footwear Sneak Peak

Comic Book Frenzy

The talented comic book artist Jen Bartel designed the unique sneaker. The Captain Marvel Trainers feature a red upper and blue galaxy base. Details like the gold accents and sleek black laces echo Captain Marvel’s superhero outfit. The signature three-star stripes feature prominently. The look is topped off by the Captain Marvel Hala star.


Tweet Sneak Peak Breaks Internet

Earlier this month Jen Bartel teased the upcoming sneaker release on her Twitter page. She hashtagged #CaptainMarvel and #JenBartelxAdidas, causing an Internet uproar. The tweet was accompanied by a reveal video of the sneaker. In less than a day, the post had over one hundred and thirty thousand views and thousands of comments from eager fans.


“I am overwhelmed, thank you all so much. I’m so glad you like them!!!” Bartel shared on Twitter. “I wanted to create a design that was extremely wearable but unique and still had some elements of my illustration work.”


Jen Bartel’s artistic work spans both the Marvel and the DC universes. Bartel co-created the “Blackbird” comic from Image Comics. Her clientele includes an impressive list of clients including Marvel, DC, Nickelodeon, Disney, Dark Horse, Netflix, LucasFilms, and Adidas. Her look has been described as “evil Lisa Frank”, though you wouldn’t be able to tell from her classic stellar work with Adidas. Bartel seeks to “inspire and empower girls from all backgrounds.” The Captain Marvel sneaker collaboration is between Foot Locker and Adidas.


Captain Marvel Style

The new Captain Marvel sneaker color scheme borrows heavily from traditional Marvel comics. The classic, almost retro, style is inspired by the Hala Star and Captain Marvel’s traditional suit (no the blue and green Starforce costume). A lightly drawn galaxy design in the blue honors the incredible cosmic status of the super heroine. Even Brie Larsen herself plans on donning a pair.


Empowering Women with Sneakers

The sneakers dropped into stores on March 8th, International Women’s Day – a perfect nod to Marvel’s first female-led superhero film and Bartel’s goals of empowering girls through comics. Captain Marvel is based on the character Carol Danvers. Brie Larsen plays the strong heroine. The film features a younger, and slightly digitized, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Lashana Lynch, Annette Bening, and Gemma Chan also acted in the blockbuster film. Interestingly enough, Captain Marvel is the most powerful hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though she has not had an appearance and barely a mention in the previous decade of films. This is most notably due to the public’s need for more diverse characters that accurately portray the actual audiences of today. Undoubtedly, they will be happy to snatch up the Skrull-kicking sneakers. Protection Status

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