Times have moved forward since the chivalrous days. Not everyone could afford transport in the past, but now it looks like pretty much everyone has a car. The modern man should have a car in my opinion (but if you do not have one, do not think you are any less of a man, there are many people that can’t drive and are doing very, very well for themselves).

But if you do have a car, then there are 8 items that a modern man should have in his car at all times.

These will make your life 100x easier. These are items that you should already own but need to be relocated to your vehicle. All of a sudden, your day appears to just be easier.

Let’s get started.

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 Car Phone Mount

Texting and driving is not cool people. End of. There is nothing more dangerous and reckless than checking your phone. By having a phone holder, it allows easier access to change songs, check the navigation without compromising the safety of you and your passengers.

You can get some pretty cheap ones on amazon.

No excuses anymore.


If you’re a busy guy, you are always on the move. More often than not, dipping in between meetings, you don’t have time to go home and brush your teeth. By carrying gum or mints, it just gives you the option to freshen your breath as best as you can before going on to the next meeting.

Or from a more personal perspective, if you are heading straight out after work to meet friends, or that all-important special someone, having bad breath is an absolute deal-breaker. Be street-savvy, keep some gum/mints in your car and help yourself!


Jumper Cables

You only know you need to keep jumper cables in your car the hard way. It has happened to me twice where my battery died overnight and I was left stranded. By keeping jumper cables in your car, it acts as a get out of jail free card every time.

You can then also become ‘the guy’ who has jumper cables and can always swoop to the rescue of friends, family, special someone and be the hero. Who doesn’t love that!

One purchase is all it takes and then just leave them in your boot and forget about them. You won’t remember you have them until you need them. I haven’t faced the same problem since.


First Aid Kit

Sounds simplistic, but by having this option, any serious injuries you come across, you know where a first aid kit is. You don’t have to be a doctor, but any actions you perform because of your car first aid kit could be the difference between life and death.

They do expire, however, so just make sure you update it whenever necessary. Again, throw it into your glove box and then forget about it. You know it is there in case you need it.



This is a cheeky one as it can be dual purpose – it can act as a sophisticated air freshener and a lifesaver all at the same time.

By keeping some aftershave in your car, similarly to the gum, it just allows you to freshen up between place to place. You may not have the chance to shower, but you do give yourself the chance to smell good, and people notice your scent.

Additionally, a few sprays around the car can just help alleviate any harsher aromas if you haven’t cleaned your car in a while. It is slightly more strong than usual car air fresheners so use sparingly, but the smell will be the first thing your passengers notice.


A Map

It sounds so primitive with all of the technology that surrounds us, but what if that technology all of a sudden fails us? Then what? You could be in the middle of nowhere with no clue where you are.

By having a map to hand, you can at least work out a rough idea where you are and how to get out of the situation you may find yourself in. My first tip, however, will be to learn how to read a map if you don’t know how to yet.


We’re not talking a huge amount of cash, just enough to cover any emergencies that may appear. £20 usually is a good amount to keep.

It just means that if you are running low on petrol if there is a parking meter that only takes cash if a special someone wants to go on a late-night drive and you need some food.

Being prepared for this just shows that you are in control and once the cash is in your car, you can forget about it until it is called upon.

Just remember to top it up whenever you use it.


This one is important particularly if you live in the United Kingdom where our weather is simply unpredictable. By having an umbrella in your car, it means that if it decides to rain when you get to your destination, you are not phased and all that effort that went into your outfit and look remains untouched. When done right, an umbrella can also give you a lot of gentleman points for that special someone when walking them to their door or too and from your date.

It’s so simple, but it is very effective.

Place These Items In Your Car Now!

These items that a modern man should have in his car at all times are very easy to obtain and easy to store in there as well.

Get them today and you will notice the difference when you least expect it.

If there are any other suggestions, please do get in touch and let us know!